This book is a great resource for those who already adopted online meetings in their organization and those who only just start their adventure with virtual communication. It represents a great approach to online meetings and can solve many of your doubts and dilemmas.
– Agnes Jozwiak, Brand Manager at ClickMeeting

About the book

CLICK: The Virtual Meetings Book provides leaders of virtual meetings with 60 comprehensive strategies for planning and executing masterful virtual meetings, every time. In its twelve chapters, you’ll find strategies and answers for these questions and more:

  • Why haven’t virtual meetings worked well?
  • What are the problems to eliminate?
  • How do you keep engagement high on a virtual meeting?
  • How do you ask questions in such a way that you almost always receive lots of responses and not that dreaded silence?
  • What are the common meeting dysfunctions and what are specific strategies for preventing them, addressing them in the moment, and following up after the moment?
  • What if only a few people are remote?
  • How do you reduce the likelihood that your meeting will be derailed by technical issues?
  • What are the features that differentiate various online meeting platforms?
  • How do you eliminate unnecessary virtual meetings?

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CLICK: Tools

If you’ve already purchased the book, you know there are helpful tools referenced throughout.  Click on the links below for access!

Meetings Calculator

Want to estimate the cost of a meeting? Use this meeting cost calculator.


Selecting a virtual meeting platform?  Check out this comparison of meeting platforms sorted by product tier.

Other Tools

  • Preparing, starting and closing checklists
  • Sample agendas
  • Helpful Templates
  • An on-screen timer you can use to track time
  • Engagement strategies

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