Tony Siber, Core Team Facilitator, Leadership StrategiesFor over 20 years Tony Sibert has helped global public and private companies, early stage ventures, and government organizations: build and lead high performance cross-functional/cross-cultural teams; solve complex problems in high stress/high stakes environments; and accelerate the execution of key actions to achieve tangible business results and drive sustainable competitive advantage.

Tony's diverse and proven background, experiences, and skills make him a unique and sought after Leadership Strategies Core Team Facilitator. In addition to his proven capabilities as a professional facilitator and expert trainer, he owns a professional services firm that specializes in strategic visioning, process innovation, and performance learning.  

Tony's approach to collaborative solution design applies the latest research, tools, techniques, and processes in optimal performance psychology and organizational change management to: unleash the full potential of individuals, teams, and their organizations through meaningful conversations for context, possibilities, and action.  Each of his client sessions is focused on fueling actionable and measurable results that are designed to meet the personal and organizational performance needs of seasoned executives, experienced managers, as well as high potential managerial candidates.

A highlight of Tony's client list includes: Accenture, AstraZeneca, BrandBank, Brainstorm USA, Castrol, Centers for Disease Control, Cisco, DaimlerChrysler, Department of Defense, Department of Housing & Urban Development, Department of Transportation, Ernst & Young, LLC, Ford Motor Company, Gartner Group, Gulfstream, Halliburton, Hoffman-La Roche, Honda, Instituto Tecnologico de Las Americas, Johnson & Johnson, JP Morgan Chase, Landmark Graphics, MedImmune, Merck, Pittiglio Rabin Todd McGrath, Public SecureWorks, Inc., Service Enterprise Group, TeamFuel, Inc., Telecom, and Unisource.

Quotes like, "We got more accomplished in these two days than we would have in three months of normal work, typify the overwhelmingly positive feedback received from clients after experiencing his strategic planning sessions, performance learning workshops, and accelerated solution design experiences. Tony works with clients to develop, deliver, and produce unique learning experiences that are authentic, collaborative, emotionally engaging, execution oriented, fun, interactive, and meaningful.

Tony is multi-lingual and his client engagements have taken him around the world.  He possesses appropriate security clearances and has received significant amount of formal training and professional development in a number of skill sets, including: accelerated solution design, complex problem solving, facilitation, information security, lateral thinking, leadership development, program management, new product development, and performance learning.  A detailed list of formal courses, his training regimen, and references is available as required and appropriate.

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