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Can't make it to a live session? Most tell us our LIVE webinars are far more engaging and interactive with helpful Q&A opportunities, but you are welcome to see our webinars on demand.

Do you know how to keep your group engaged – whether in a meeting with your staff, a client, a task force, or training a large group? Are you skilled at managing dysfunctional behavior and adapting to different communication styles? What about reaching consensus - ever have trouble getting there? View our free facilitation webinars to learn how to:

  • Reach effective solutions with groups
  • Engage groups from start to finish
  • Get executives to transfer their power to you
  • Ask the right questions that ignite helpful answers
  • Manage dysfunctional behavior

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Introduction to Facilitating Groups
Discover practical facilitation techniques to elevate your group handling skills and help you achieve amazing organizational results. Adapted from our flagship course, The Effective Facilitator.

Keys to Facilitating the Strategic Planning Process
Understand the key components of a strategic plan, the steps in the strategic planning process, how to gain buy-in, the 10 facilitation pitfalls to avoid and more!

Facilitative Training Skills: Creating the Dynamic Experience
Learn cutting-edge tools designed to make training sessions more facilitative and engaging. (For training managers, consultants, or anyone who participates in training sessions.)

Becoming a Certified Facilitator - Is Certification Right for You?
Learn the benefits of getting certified in facilitation, certification options and how to prepare for certification. (For experienced facilitators in preparation for certification.)

NEW! An Executive Briefing on Strategic Planning
Uncover why most strategic plans fail, the pitfalls to avoid, and the right process and components of strategy development. You'll walk away with a free glimpse of what our clients typically receive in the first stages of developing a winning strategy.

Effective Consulting
Receive an overview of our structured framework for effective consulting with client handling strategies and techniques for meeting challenges at each stage of the consulting process. (For internal and external consultants or anyone whose role requires a consultative style.)

NEW! The Silent Killer: How Meetings Are Sucking the Life Out of Your Organization
Learn how bad meetings have become the "silent killer" in many organizations. You will leave this webinar with a surprising look at today's problems with "good" and bad meetings and the roadmap to solve those problems.

Virtual Facilitation: Applying the Facilitator's Methodology from Anywhere
Learn how to facilitate meetings virtually for powerful group engagement and results - as if you were in the same room. Maximize group efforts with technology while minimizing common virtual meeting challenges.

Who should watch?

Training and HR professionals, project managers, consultants, team leaders & managers, facilitators, business analysts, account managers

Want more?

You can receive all the information in this on-demand webinar plus participate in a Q&A session in one of our live webinars. Register here.


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