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    • DISC Assessment & Online Tutorial!

      DISC Assessment & Online Tutorial!

      Having challenges talking with people? Everyone has a natural communication style, ranging in diversity from the person who wants to control the conversation, to the person who sits backs evaluating. This course unleashes powerful catalysts designed to create effective team communication. Our PDI (practical, dynamic and interactive) methodology includes practical tools designed to outline methods for adapting your style to others, causing more effective communication between you and others. Dynamic instructors actively capture your listening interest and an interactive questionnaire resulting in a 26-page DISC profile determines your communication style and reinforces the material presented.

    • Facilitating Virtual Meetings: Comprehensive - 3 days

      Facilitating Virtual Meetings: Comprehensive – 3 days

      This course is designed for people who frequently facilitate meetings where some or all participants are remote and may be dealing with conflict resolution. Facilitating Virtual Meetings: Comprehensive delivers a curriculum whereby facilitators can practi

    • Facilitating Virtual Meetings: Essentials - 1 1/2 day

      Facilitating Virtual Meetings: Essentials – 1 1/2 day

      Starting with an understanding of common problems with virtual meetings, this course presents a vision of Masterful eMeetings and provides techniques to use immediately for improving meetings. (Includes downloadable workbook sent to your email, 137 pgs.)

    • Springboard Online!

      Springboard Online!

      Need to learn about strategic planning but don’t have time for a traditional classroom course? Get started in hours, not days, with Springboard Online!, the latest in online learning from Leadership Strategies.

    • Strategic Planning Package

      Strategic Planning Package

      Could your strategic planning process use a little help? Or, are you getting ready to develop a strategic planning and want some inspiration? Well, we've got a great product for you!