Executive Coaching

Develop and power up the effectiveness of leaders and top talent.

Whether an executive of a Fortune 500 company, a key team leader or the CEO of a growing small business, leaders at all levels can benefit from the tremendous growth power of executive coaching. Leadership Strategies Executive Coaching Services provide the results oriented, one-on-one strategic partnerships between leader and coach that maximize performance. Our mission is to drive improved business outcomes.

Simply put, executive coaching is the science and technology of success. It places an arsenal of cutting-edge concepts and tools at the disposal of the client. Executive coaching provides a customized set of resources—the missing pieces—that unleash and expand potential. This is achieved by means of an ongoing relationship. The coach and the leader have regular scheduled meetings woven together by continual communication. In essence, Leadership Strategies executive coaching programs raise the level of success well beyond personal best.

Learn How To

  • Create a vision of success in business, career and life
  • Think and generate ideas and possibilities in new ways
  • Put thoughts into action and reach toward extraordinary growth
  • Move through fears and obstacles to take risks and drive change

Executive Coaching Objectives

  • Strengthen leadership and execution skills that yield measurable results
  • Foster consistent right action and tap into true potential
    Expand self awareness and access available resources to better achieve objectives
  • Encourage the taking on of stretch-goals and provide accountability to accomplish them
  • Align the values and purposes of leader and organization
  • Maximize individual performance and achievement of organizational goals

Ideal For

Executive coaching is ideal for C-level leadership, executives on the rise, key technical and sales managers, managers seeking to enhance team results, successful entrepreneurs, directors of not-for-profit organizations, partners in professional firms, plant general mangers, top outside consultants on the move, and high potentials in leadership development programs.

The Program

Each executive coaching engagement is 6 months in duration. It consists of either two or four scheduled sessions per month along with unlimited communication as needed in between. Select your choice of various blends of face to face and virtual meetings. Every engagement is custom tailored to the particular needs of the client.

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