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When successfully completing strategic planning sessions, executives most often walk away with a half-dozen or so priority strategies designed to move their organization forward to the next level.  Several questions always arise: 

  • What do we do next? 
  • How do we get the plan off the page and into action? 
  • How do we get our organization aligned so that the performance plans, the HR plans, and the project plans for every department all focus on achieving our target results?  

Past experience has indicated that without a focus on execution, the value of the strategic plan is often not fully realized.

Leadership Strategies provides strategy / transformation coaching services that help you move your strategy from a written plan to full implementation.  Our transformation services provide three levels of service that aid in implementing your strategy and providing ongoing accountability that ensures execution.

Our Services

  1. Strategy management:  our project manager is onsite working with your team serving as overall project manager and overseeing the implementation of key components of your strategic plan.
  2. Strategy coaching:  weekly or biweekly one-on-one sessions with your executive leader to provide ongoing support and guidance.  
  3. Strategy monitoring: Leadership Strategies offers a monthly onsite review or teleconference to closely monitor performance, identify bottlenecks, and recommend resolution strategies.
  4. Strategy checkup: Leadership Strategies offers quarterly onsite review or teleconference to check on progress to help ensure team focus and so the team can make necessary adjustments.

Ideal For

CEOs, COOs, executive directors, general managers, marketing executives, sales directors, business development professionals, and leaders of all types of organizations seeking to execute viable action plans for accomplishing growth or improving processes.  This includes:

  • Corporate business units
  • Government agencies
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Strategic planning departments
  • Or any other organization implementing strategic plans or undergoing major change initiatives 


  • Provide point person who oversees change or strategy execution
  • Create a detailed approach for promoting an execution culture
  • Evaluate the quality of the plan
  • Identify the pitfalls to avoid when executing the plan
  • Provide guidelines for implementing the change
  • Describe and communicate the plan to staff
  • Develop strategies to help the organization through sudden change
  • Coach team members through the change
  • Define the series of facilitated events that lead organizations through change


Each consulting engagement is customized to fit the needs of individuals, teams and organizations. In general, however, the following durations apply for each service:

  • Strategy management and change management – one-to-three days/week onsite management
  • Strategy coaching – two-to-four 60-minute check-ins per month
  • Strategy monitoring – monthly onsite or teleconference
  • Strategic update – quarterly onsite or teleconference

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