Team Coaching

Excellence-Group (E-Group):
Facilitated Peer-Coaching Programs for Teams

E-Group is a powerful productivity tool to implement with any, management, sales, project, or work team. It serves to provide performance-enhancement and professional development coaching to the individuals and the team as a whole in a time and money-efficient manner. In addition, it imparts to them fundamental coaching and communication skills – by means of the mutual-coaching process. A Success-group thus provides valuable leadership development, and greatly strengthens team cohesiveness and effectiveness as a value-added natural by-product.

E-Group is a 12-month program with 1 2.5 to 3-hour session per month. 1st session is introduction, orientation and foundation-building. Sessions 2 – 4 build the process and focus on emotional intelligence. Sessions 5 – 6 strengthen the relationship web and focus on conflict management and communication. Sessions 7 – 9 deepen team work and focus on collaboration. Session 10 – 12 transfer facilitation to the team and focus on process ownership and continuation.

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