Conference Facilitation

Board Development and Board Meeting Facilitation

Many organizations are successful at building a Board of influential members, only to waste their talents by forcing them to sit through boring meetings as committee after committee gives detailed reports of past actions and current status. Let us show you how to break this pattern.

Our Board Development and Meeting Facilitation services combine to help you get the right people in place and focused on the right things needed to achieve your objectives. Our Board Composition Model provides you with a framework for building a powerful Board and with our Board Meeting Facilitation services, we can show you how to ensure that every meeting engages Board members and maximizes their skills. Call us to learn about how to transform your Board meetings into dynamic interactions that yield practical, realistic solutions.

Conference Planning and Facilitation

Wouldn't it be great if conferences could be both informative and engaging for the participants? Unfortunately, conferences are often structured to keep participants "reactively unengaged" or just plain bored, while speaker after speaker presents views on various topics.

From our vast experience with planning, designing and facilitating numerous conferences, we have isolated eight critical steps to guide you during program design and conference execution. These steps are highly effective at transforming conferences into productive and outcome-driven sessions. Call and ask us about how to design your conference so that it is geared toward purpose and promotes audience involvement in achieving your desired outcomes.

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