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Strategic Planning PackagesStrategic Planning Packages

Premier – Five days of planning sessions; mid-year update; travel and more…

Standard – Two days of planning sessions; mid-year update; travel and more…

Streamlined – One day of planning; mid-year check-in; travel and more…

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Strategic Plan Assessment

Strategic planning is a critical activity for leaders of all types of organizations. Through this process leaders set the organization's future direction and define the specific outcomes and strategies that will lead to achieving that direction. Considering the critical value of the strategic planning process and the investment it requires, leaders are strongly compelled to make sure that the investment in planning is fully realized


Survey Design, Analysis, Implementation

Whether you are doing a full strategic plan or just needing to understand outside views, our survey services can help you design and implement a survey for a wide range of audiences, including customers, employees, community stakeholders and a variety of sub-populations. Our veteran survey designers can help you develop key questions that reveal the most significant issues for further work. Contact us to get an estimate for your specific survey needs.


Strategy Monitoring Facilitation

A strategic plan is only as good as its results, and results are driven through implementation. Although many organizations are successful at developing strategic plans, they often fail at devising the required implementation strategies to take the plan to fruition. We help you see your plan through and achieve your vision, by working with you on a quarterly basis, to monitor your implementation process, review performance and make critical changes to stay on track. As an external resource and vehicle for accountability, we can show you how to realize the full benefit of your investment in planning. Call and ask about our four-step strategy update process.

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