Licensing for Organizations for Internal Use

LSI’s Licensing Program offers organizations the opportunity to license LSI’s courseware and deliver it internally. These organizations may have their own instructors become certified to teach the licensed courseware. By moving the training in-house, our licensees will be able to drastically cut down on training costs, potentially saving tens of thousands of dollars every year.


Benefits of Licensing Our IP for Your Organization


Cost Savings

Significant Savings

Better Fit


New Skills

New Skills

Quality Materials

Quality Materials




More information

Learn More!

Click to download information on this cost savings opportunity (plus information on other benefits and fees).

Our Licensees Succeed

Our clients have repeatedly told us that what they learned from our facilitation training proves to be practical and integral to their jobs. We’ve frequently heard from our clients statements like, “Facilitation has made a difference, and your training really works!” As an organization that cares about the growth and success of you and your employees, we invite you to bring that same “Aha! It works!” moment to your organization.

Case Study: See how our existing partner, United Illuminating, benefited by licensing our courseware for their enterprise.

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