Advanced Facilitation Skills

Take your facilitation skills to the next level!

Already taken The Effective Facilitator? Ready to move to the next level? In this exciting follow-on, learn new facilitating techniques, receive expert feedback, and get more practice, practice, practice.

Advance your facilitation knowledge by learning the following:

  • The three facilitation levels
  • Advanced questioning techniques
  • Facilitating on the fly
  • Selling facilitation services
  • New facilitation guides
  • Three practice and feedback sessions
  • Special Feature! Learn how to use the DISC model to understand the four major communication styles, plan sessions to be inclusive of all styles, and recognize and adapt to the various styles during your session

Why it Works

This course is designed to help you take your facilitation skills to the next level. We help you identify your facilitation skill level and isolate the areas for focus during the course. We then give you substantial opportunities for need-specific practice, where you are able to facilitate and incorporate feedback during intensive practice sessions. Whether you are looking to enhance your probing skills, obtain better control of discussions, explore techniques for engaging participants, develop confidence in handling disagreements or maximize interactions, this course ensures that you get what you came for that and you move to the next level in facilitation!

Learn How To

Take your expertise to the next level and enhance your ability to: create a vision that motivates people to action, engage groups in developing solutions, and generate ownership that leads to results. Build upon the principles and techniques acquired in The Effective Facilitator course. With three intense exercises and immediate instructor feedback, this course accelerates you to the next level in facilitation. Key topics include:

  • The three distinct levels of facilitator development
  • Using the DISC model to learn how to read and adapt to your participants' styles
  • Advanced questioning techniques - drilling down, funneling, "ssring"
  • "Facilitating on the fly" - running a session when you have little time to prepare
  • Selling facilitation services - best practices for increasing your facilitation opportunities

Ideal For

Veteran facilitators or individuals in leadership roles who have taken The Effective Facilitator course

Needing To

  • Lead a task force toward action
  • Establish a strategic direction
  • Gain agreement on addressing a problem
  • Get a business process operating efficiently
  • Establish performance objectives
  • Work through conflict/internal strife
  • Define the specific needs of a user communit


The Effective Facilitator

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