Facilitating Virtual Meetings

If you are like a lot of organizations, you are moving more of your meetings to the virtual environment to reduce costs and save time. However, while the adoption of virtual meetings is increasing, the skill of meeting leaders to run those sessions effectively is not.

The fact is, although they are more convenient, virtual meetings are also more complex. This means that they require more planning and must be executed differently to drive engagement.

Leadership Strategies has trained more than 18,000 people on how to use facilitation to improve group engagement and meeting outcomes. We now are using this expertise to help meeting leaders, like you, successfully navigate in the virtual environment.

Who will beneft from this course?

The short answer is anyone tasked with leading virtual meetings. Whether you are a large company with multiple offices around the world or a mid-size company with a few remote employees, Leadership Strategies’ virtual offerings will help you:

  • Transform meeting culture, by enhancing participant engagement,
  • Eliminate dysfunction, with a better ability to spot common pitfalls and stop them before they derail meeting success,
  • Improve meeting outcomes, by building group consensus and
  • Increase productivity, by eliminating unnecessary meetings.

Which course to choose?

Leadership Strategies delivers two distinct virtual meetings offerings. Both courses provide the tools you’ll need to prepare for success and lead effective virtual meetings. At the same time, the two course offerings are targeted enough to offer specific instruction based on the meeting “mix” and size.

Facilitating Virtual Meetings: Comprehensive in virtual meetings with larger groups of people and sessions dealing with complicated issues. This course is especially appropriate for facilitators who frequently lead meetings where:

  • there is a greater chance of dysfunction,
  • group consensus is imperative or,
  • participants are typically unfamiliar with one another.

The Comprehensive course also includes four practice exercises so participants walk away with the confidence and know how to immediately put the course’s powerful engagement techniques and strategies into action.

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Facilitating Virtual Meetings: Essentials is ideal for people who lead small group meetings, (with less than 10 people), where there is less likelihood of discord. The course includes step-by-step instructions to prepare and conduct successful virtual meetings by minimizing challenges and creating highly-engaged interaction among participants.

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Need additional strategies on becoming an effective facilitator in the virtual world?

Click: The Virtual Meetings Book covers every critical component of virtual meetings – from planning and agenda setting to closing. The book also includes specific techniques for driving engagement and building consensus.

For more information or to order the recently released book, click here.

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