New courses teach virtual facilitators how to eliminate dysfunction, build engagement in online meetings


Organizations today have an increasingly far-flung workforce, client and vendor base, but still need to connect these groups via meetings that drive productivity, deliver optimal results and generate group consensus.

While the goals of virtual meetings are clear, facilitators working in virtual environments often face an array of challenges - from common distractions to less engagement from remote participants. That’s why virtual facilitators need more than technology to achieve optimal meeting results and that’s where Leadership Strategies steps in.

Our new courses give virtual facilitators the step-by-step, comprehensive instructions to prepare and conduct successful virtual meetings by minimizing common challenges and creating highly-engaged interaction among participants.  

We developed two distinct virtual meetings offerings to meet the diverse needs of virtual facilitators. Our three-day offering prepares facilitators how to lead larger groups where participants are dealing with complex issues and possibly team discord. This class will be rolled out in August on three consecutive Thursdays - August 15, 22 and 29. (Click here to learn more.)

A second course is conducted over one and half days and teaches facilitators how to lead small teams with less than 10 people.

Both courses offer a comprehensive approach and help good facilitators become great. At the same time, the two course offerings are tailored enough to deliver the specific instruction based on the facilitator’s needs, audience mix and size.

Leadership Strategies has a 20+ year history of delivering unparalleled training to help organizations facilitate productive meetings with panache. We are excited to take this expertise to the virtual world to help today’s facilitators transform their meeting cultures and deliver highly effective virtual meetings in which teams interact better and reach decisions faster.

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