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Leadership Strategies is “The Facilitation Company”


Leadership Strategies has provided Fortune 500 companies, non-profit, government and other businesses with expert facilitation services and facilitation and leadership skills training since 1992.

We believe facilitation is a powerful tool for helping people reach better decisions, often faster, with much higher levels of buy-in and commitment.

  • Better decisions…because a diversity of views were openly shared and considered.
  • Often faster…because the processes used promote productive and efficient communication.

With much higher levels of buy-in and commitment…because those impacted by
the decisions were involved in creating them.

We believe that…

  • The more people in an organization who understand and are skilled at facilitation…
  • And the more that facilitation is used in leading people, managing teams, creating strategy, developing products, running meetings, etc. …
  • The more productive and effective an organization can be.

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