Why Facilitation?

You may ask why your company needs a professional intervention regarding the way you conduct your meetings. But what you do not know you are missing out on might be the most dangerous answer in asking that question.

Professional facilitation can transform the way you hold meetings and do business. It will also keep you from losing precious time on:

  • Unproductive, unfocused meetings
  • Tedious planning sessions that are not producing desired results
  • Group activities derailed by challenging participant behaviors

Your time — and the time of each of your participants — is too important to waste on meetings that do not accomplish everyone's objectives or fail to deliver results. Experience the results of a professional facilitator.

Hire a professional facilitator and make sure every single minute is time well spent.

Any structured group activity that requires the input, understanding and commitment of every participant hinges on a professional facilitator with advanced presentation skills. This individual needs to:

  • Command attention, interest and engagement right from the beginning
  • Keep participants focused and on track
  • Quickly defuse difficult behaviors and minimize distractions
  • Create a comfortable environment to induce full participation
  • Skillfully deploy an array of interaction and facilitation techniques
  • Tailor their style to the needs of that particular group
  • Develop consensus and bring a common vision to the surface
  • Build commitment for a workable, quantifiable action plan to move forward

Ready to dive in, but unsure where to start? Submit your facilitator training questions online today or call us at 770-454-1440 or 1-800-824-2850.

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