Top reasons you need a facilitator
  1. When the results of the meeting are critical to the success of the enterprise, and there will be a variety of views in the room.
  2. When there are many strong opinions in the room and consensus is required.
  3. When there are no apparent good answers, and you need to find new, creative solutions.
  4. When the meeting leader is strongly vested in a particular position, but wants to hear and be receptive to other possible alternatives.
  5. When the team needs to feel ownership of the solution.
  6. When neutral party guidance is necessary to build trust or get full participation.
  7. When the desired outcome of the meeting or the work process needed to reach the desired outcome is unclear or ill defined.
  8. When you lack the internal experience or expertise to manage and guide the group through the work process (e.g., strategic planning, process improvement).


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