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Jack Be Nimble

The words “nimble” and “quick” don’t typically appear in the definition of facilitation. Yet, I would argue they are skills used by every remarkable...

Jun 07|Categories: Facilitation, Meetings|Comment

People around table not paying attention to meeting

4 Ways to Create Dysfunction in Your Meetings

We all love dysfunctional meetings because they are so fun to facilitate…. Right? WRONG! Most leaders I work with dread trying to manage dysfunction...

Dec 06|Categories: Facilitation|Comment

12 Ways to be a Better Co-Facilitator

Picture this — you’re planning a large training workshop. You will be working with a co-facilitator. In theory, this partner will make your life...

successful facilitation behavior

5 Strategies for Facilitating Better Conversations

When we think of facilitators, the first people who come to mind generally are meeting leaders or team builders. Of course, facilitation is about...

Tuesday’s Master Facilitation Tip: Get to “Yes” Using 5-Finger Consensus

Group sessions that are well facilitated are quite effective at developing creative solutions and reaching consensus to address shared problems. In a facilitated session,...