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Sep 14|Categories: LeadFeed, Meetings|Comment

The Do’s and Dont’s of Planning Food to Enhance the Productivity of Business Meetings

Little else derails a productive meeting like growling stomachs. Smart snack and meal planning is one of the main effective facilitation skills required for executing all-day meetings. In charge of planning a long-running meeting? Here are some DO’s and...

Tool Check: The Best Employer Review Sites

Job seekers depend on reviews, social media, and other outlets to help them evaluate prospective employers. Similarly, employers depend on these sources to stay informed of how they rank across the industry and by their own worforce. When it...

Jan 14|Categories: Facilitation, LeadFeed|Comment

Break the Ice with Tunes and Trivia

It’s actually possible – meetings and training sessions can be quite enjoyable experiences when you accompany your subject matter with these simple additions to break the ice. Our Certified Master Facilitators recommend these tools to enhance your meeting room...

What type of virtual facilitation training is right for you?

Having trouble keeping your participants focused in your virtual meetings? Does your group leave meetings empty-handed? Or, are you new to mobile meetings like web conferences and need to get acclimated (fast)? You’ve identified a gap in important soft skills. It’s...

Apr 30|Categories: LeadFeed|Comment

7 Film & TV Teachers Who Could’ve Used Facili-training… Anyone? Anyone?

You’ve all seen movies or television shows with hopeless teachers failing to connect with their students. Some are feel-good films, some are pure comedies, and some make you think, “These teachers really could’ve used facilitation training.” Who remembers these...