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Jun 07|Categories: Facilitation, Meetings|Comment

People around table not paying attention to meeting

4 Ways to Create Dysfunction in Your Meetings

We all love dysfunctional meetings because they are so fun to facilitate…. Right? WRONG! Most leaders I work with dread trying to manage dysfunction...

Nov 08|Categories: Meetings|Comment

purpose board meeting strategy

Tuesday’s Master Facilitation Tip: Get to “Yes” Using 5-Finger Consensus

Group sessions that are well facilitated are quite effective at developing creative solutions and reaching consensus to address shared problems. In a facilitated session,...

Tuesday’s Master Facilitation Tip: The Checkpoint

During meetings, it can be very easy to lose people as you move from agenda item to agenda item. The checkpoint is a technique...

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Free Downloads: Jeopardy Template and Geometric Review

  A strong review is essential to making sure your group absorbs the information of a long session. Here are two of our favorites: