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Oct 24|Categories: Meetings, Virtual Facilitation|Comment

Tools To Use When Hosting Your Next Virtual Meeting

No longer the stuff of futuristic science fiction, online meetings are quite commonplace in this digital age. This is one of the reasons we now offer online facilitation training to our clients. Running successful virtual meetings is now considered...

Oct 02|Categories: Meetings, Strategy, Uncategorized|Comment

How Much Do Wasted Meetings Cost Your Business?

Meetings help to keep organizations running smoothly, but they often are not good uses of time. The vast majority of organizations have a handful of truly productive meetings each year, but they also have hundreds of other meetings where...

Preventing Dysfunction in Meetings with Facilitation

You have spent hours preparing for your company’s upcoming monthly meeting. As a corporate executive or project manager, your job is to shed light on the current issues the business is facing and get its team members to iron...

Facilitation Training for Groups

Group facilitation training is one of Leadership Strategies’ most popular and result-driven services. The greatest challenges business managers, corporate executives and team leaders face is figuring out how to maintain workplace productivity and establish a collective consciousness about a particular goal.

How Do Private Training Classes Improve Your Company’s Bottom Line?

Even in today’s recovering economy, small and large corporations alike continue to seek out and implement a variety of cost-cutting measures. After all, any amount they successfully whittle away from their overall expenditure is money that can put them...