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Dec 02|Categories: Meetings|Comment

Why You Never Schedule A Meeting On Friday

This article recently published in SmartBrief’s “SmartBrief on Leadership” shares how not scheduling meetings on Fridays help assure you close your weeks strong by being able to complete all your tasks for the week.  We think it’s also a...

Aug 22|Categories: Facilitation, Meetings|Comment

The Basics for Efficient Meetings

Improperly conducted meetings can be a waste of company time and money, but it is possible to  avoid them through proper planning and effective facilitative leadership. A professional facilitator training program can offer tools and tips in conducting productive...

Jun 10|Categories: Meetings|Comment

We HAVE To Stop Meeting Like This! Your Meeting Bill of Rights

  “That was an awful meeting.  What a waste of my time!”  How often have you had this same thought? Wouldn’t your day have been more productive without the meeting that wasted your time? With all of the dysfunctional...

Nov 08|Categories: Meetings|Comment

49 ways to spice up your meetings

  Henry Ford would have loved producing our current day meetings the way he produced his cars.