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Checklist: 14 Tips to Lead Successful Virtual Meetings

Today, business meetings take place virtually using a variety of media, including videoconferencing, mobile apps, communication software like Slack, and other technology. Many organizations have even adopted a fully distributed model. So, it’s no surprise that these types of...

Sep 24|Categories: Meetings, Virtual Facilitation|Comment

Five Smart Ways to Prepare for Virtual Meetings

Most people who work in a corporate environment are required to attend many meetings. Team meetings, cross department meetings, special project meetings and on it goes until time is eaten away and other projects suffer. Virtual meetings are an...

Sep 21|Categories: Meetings|Comment

Checklist for Effective Business Meetings

An effective facilitator knows there are productive meetings that reach their goals, and meetings that fall far short. Here’s an eight point checklist for planning and executing effective business meetings.

Sep 17|Categories: Meetings|Comment

Best Way to End a Meeting

Effective meetings are the keys to project progression, productive training and smooth overall workflow. Successful meeting facilitation employs various important aspects, and none more vital than ending a meeting. Ending a meeting leaves attendees with either a good or...

Sep 14|Categories: LeadFeed, Meetings|Comment

The Do’s and Dont’s of Planning Food to Enhance the Productivity of Business Meetings

Little else derails a productive meeting like growling stomachs. Smart snack and meal planning is one of the main effective facilitation skills required for executing all-day meetings. In charge of planning a long-running meeting? Here are some DO’s and...