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Sep 04|Categories: Meetings|Comment

6 Ways to Spice Up a Meeting

How many of us have dreaded tomorrow’s meeting? Most likely every person reading this has rolled their eyes and huffed in annoyance at the thought of sitting through another boring meeting. If you are a meeting organizer in charge...

Sep 02|Categories: Meetings, Strategy|Comment

7 Tactics Always Used By Successful Strategic Facilitators

Anyone who has ever run a meeting knows how tricky successful strategic facilitation can be. It’s important to find the perfect balance between holding...

Which facilitation training is best for you?

It is evident that you take pride in your performance and your productivity as a leader if you have utilized these facilitation resources: You’ve attended...

Aug 28|Categories: Meetings|Comment

The Best And Worst Places For Co-working off-site

Getting your colleagues out of the office once in a while has numerous benefits. It gives people opportunities for bonding outside of the traditional office setting. You see increases in employee satisfaction and productivity. Also, it’s healthier for everyone...

Aug 26|Categories: Meetings|Comment

Can Work From Home Days Boost Productivity?

Thanks to the explosion of mobile technology in the 21st century, working remotely is now easier than it’s ever been for almost any employee....