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Michael Wilkinson, CMF

Jul 11|Categories: Michael Wilkinson, CMF|Comment

“Crossing the River” – Michael’s favorite Engagement Strategy

Every trainer and facilitator has his/her favorite team building activity.  Some facilitators like the more active interventions such as rope courses; others prefer the more “touchy-feely” ones like trust walks; still others like using blind-folded instruction, or simulations like...


Tuesday’s Master Facilitation Tip: Using Reacting Questions

Using Reacting Questions   In a prior blog, I introduced “The Secret of the Starting Question” a time-tested strategy for creating a question that...


Tuesday’s Master Facilitation Tip: How is the Drivers Model for Strategy Different?

How is the Drivers Model for Strategy Different?   As you take on strategy development, a critical step is to ensure that you and...


Tuesday’s Master Facilitation Tip: Michael’s Favorite Engagement Strategies

Michael’s Favorite Engagement Strategies   In 2001, I was invited to facilitate a top executive team through a series of seven full-day meetings over...


How Many is Too Many for a Breakout Group?

How Many is Too Many for a Breakout Group?   “How many is just too many for a breakout group?” A participant asked me...