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5 Strategies for Facilitating Better Conversations

When we think of facilitators, the first people who come to mind generally are meeting leaders or team builders. Of course, facilitation is about...

Tuesday’s Master Facilitation Tip: How is the Drivers Model for Strategy Different?

How is the Drivers Model for Strategy Different?   As you take on strategy development, a critical step is to ensure that you and your team have a common understanding of the language of strategy and a solid process...


Tuesday’s Master Facilitation Tip: Michael’s Favorite Engagement Strategies

Michael’s Favorite Engagement Strategies   In 2001, I was invited to facilitate a top executive team through a series of seven full-day meetings over...


How Many is Too Many for a Breakout Group?

How Many is Too Many for a Breakout Group?   “How many is just too many for a breakout group?” A participant asked me...

Tuesday’s Master Facilitation Tip: Interviewing Meeting Participants

When You are a Participant AND the Facilitator   “I wanted to thank you for your book, The Secrets of Facilitation. I have read many business books and would rank your book as one of the top books I’ve...