Instructional Designer

Are you ready to work for the leader in the facilitation industry?

Leadership Strategies – The Facilitation Company is an Atlanta-based organization that has rapidly become the national leader in facilitation.  We are the number one provider of facilitation training in the country with over 20,000 people trained in our flagship course, The Effective Facilitator. We also are the leading provider of professional facilitators—experts who lead executive groups through strategic planning, brainstorming, issue resolution, team building, and other critical sessions.

We are looking for a professional Instructional Designer based here in Atlanta to support our Product Team in the design and development of learning experiences.


The ideal candidate will be an experience instructional designer with over five year of experience designing ILT, eLearning, video, social media, and mobile training solutions and be adept at using technology in design. The successful candidates must possess a talent for creating concise, audience-targeted instructional development. You will be responsible for developing original material as well as contributing to the work of others across a variety of instructional mediums. Position requirements include project management, content management, and writing skills. Knowledge of adult learning theory and instructional systems design is required. The position also requires experience using a variety of online learning development tools.

Note: There is a specific application process as defined at the end of this job description.

Core Competencies

Our Instructional Designer will have a proven history of displaying certain clearly defined core competencies.  We are assuming that all candidates qualified for this position will be skilled in the basics of an excellent work ethic, organized time management skills, and doing what’s necessary to complete tasks on deadline. However, after these minimums are met, the skills on which we will base this selection can be categorized into the following key areas.

  1. Our Instructional Designer will both be a big thinker and will have demonstrated the ability to follow through and get initiatives implemented. He/she will have strong analytic skills with an eye for quality and detail. The Instructional Designer will take a “whole company” focus and will respond and relate well to the others in the organization.  The Instructional Designer will be innovative and have a track record of creating new ideas and achieving targeted results from implementing them.
  2. Our Instructional Designer will be expected to be a collaborator and to value-seeking and gaining the insights from others as part of the decision-making process.
  3. The successful candidate will have exceptionally high levels of self-awareness and transparency.  The candidate will have had experiences in which he or she improved through guidance from others.  The Instructional Designer will be open to challenge, easy to develop, and responsive to coaching.
  4. Our Instructional Designer will set an example for serving internal and external clients with respect and the highest level of integrity and responsiveness through excellent communication and follow-through.  Our Instructional Designer will do the homework needed to make sure we are prepared and ready to serve clients at a level beyond their expectations.
  5. Finally, the Instructional Designer we hire will have values that are closely aligned with our own.  At Leadership Strategies, we cherish the culture and work environment that we have created and we invite to join us only those who demonstrate high levels of personal responsibility, integrity, continuous improvement, customer needs focus, teamwork, ownership thinking and collaboration. In our organization, the end does not justify the means and we expect people to hold themselves to high moral standards of trustworthiness, loyalty, and honesty, both personally and professionally.


Requirements for our Instructional Designer position include the following:

  1. Proven experience designing, and developing learning deliverables for blended, virtual, self-paced, and in-class delivery including use of eLearning authoring software, virtual classroom, learning management systems, mobile, and video
  2. Ability to create job aids, user guides, instructor guides, and other course materials that are easy to read and understand, accurate and up-to-date, and correctly formatted using a style guide
  3. Consistently seeks to improve learning materials through innovation, advancements in learning technologies, and other opportunities for improvement
  4. Knowledge of adult learning theory, social media, and instructional systems design
  5. Proven experience in project management and content management
  6. Comfortable incorporating social media into design plan
  7. Experience with graphic design for learning (documentation, presentations, guides, self-paced modules, etc.) and graphic learning software
  8. Proficient in creating assessments to measure learning
  9. Proven ability to write and proof-read
  10. Ability to work independently as well as to collaborate with members of a high-performing team
  11. Comfortable in a fast-paced environment with aggressive schedules


As our Instructional Designer, you will be responsible for the following:

  1. Create engaging learning activities and compelling course content that enhances retention and transfer
  2. Work with subject matter experts and identify target audience’s training needs
  3. Apply tested instructional design theories, practice and methods
  4. State instructional end goals and create content that matches them
  5. Visualize instructional graphics, the user interface, and the finished product
  6. Provide exercises and activities that enhance the learning process
  7. Create supporting material/media (audio, video, simulations, role plays, games etc)
  8. Decide on the criteria used to judge learner’s performance and develop assessment instruments
  9. Review and modernize existing course methodologies and materials
  10. Maintain project documentation and course folders
  11. Provide support in other areas as assigned


As associates of Leadership Strategies, we actively create the workplace we desire by living the following values and behaviors. The successful candidate will share these values as well.

  • We make collaboration a habit. We believe collaboration leads to better decisions with higher levels of buy-in and commitment to action. Therefore, with few exceptions, we invite input prior to decisions, involve appropriate stakeholders in the decision process, and communicate decisions to all impacted. If you prefer to make decisions on your own or find it uncomfortable to have people question your ideas, this is probably not the place for you.
  • We take personal responsibility.  If we have an issue, we take responsibility for getting it solved (as opposed to complaining to others or withdrawing); when we make mistakes we admit our responsibility. If you find that you make it a habit of talking about negative situations to co-workers who have no power to address the situation (we call this gossiping), please apply elsewhere.
  • We seek continuous improvement.  We strive not to make the same mistake twice.  When a mistake is made, not only do we correct it, we seek to understand why the mistake occurred and what we need to do to prevent it from happening again. If you have trouble talking about mistakes you have made and what you learned from them, this position is probably not in your future.
  • We meet our clients’ needs, not just satisfy their requirements.  We strive to understand our clients’ real needs to ensure that we provide solutions that work. If you lack the skills or the inclination to probe for understanding to maximize an opportunity, this position will likely frustrate you.
  • We maintain a positive, team environment.  We are positive in our communications and we support each other with assistance, information and guidance, as opposed to being concerned only about self and bringing negative energy into the workplace. If you believe your fellow employees don’t have to like you, they just have to respect you, don’t waste your time applying.
  • We do the right thing, even when no one is looking.  We strive to maintain a high level of integrity and consistency in our interactions with our clients and each other.  Dishonesty is not tolerated. Enough said.
  • We operate in the company as if it were our own. We constantly seek opportunities to increase our company’s profitability.

If you are ready to be a part of something special, where culture is as important as performance, where speaking up is welcome and high engagement is the norm, we welcome hearing from you.


All positions at Leadership Strategies have a base salary and incentives for high performance. With salary and incentives, the successful candidate can expect $80K-$84K the first year.

Application Process: Required Cover Letter

We have a specific application process to give you an opportunity to stand out from the crowd. To apply for one of these positions:

You must send a resume and cover letter that responds to the following questions to

Cover Letter Requirements for Instructional Designer

  • Relevant experience
    • A minimum of 5 blended learning instructional design assignments
      Describe your experience citing adequate detail to demonstrate that you meet each requirement (e.g., month-year, what you did, results achieved). Bullet points are sufficient.
  • Analytic skills
    • Strong analytical skills with an eye for quality and detail.
      Describe an instructional design assignment in which you had to produce a detailed, high-quality work product. What was the product? What about the assignment makes it an excellent example of your analytical skills and eye for quality and detail?

We recognize that we are asking you to give considerable information about your suitability for this position.  While we want to give you an opportunity to fully highlight your skills, at the same time we want to make sure the person we hire understands our needs and that the business relationship with our firm is truly a win-win.

NOTE:   If you send us a standard cover letter that describes your skills without responding to our specific questions above, we will likely assume that this position is not suitable for you.


 Additional Background on Leadership Strategies

Our Vision: The Facilitation Company – Sharing the Power of Facilitation with the World

Leadership Strategies will be the provider of choice for facilitation. When an organization needs a facilitator or facilitation-related, soft skills training, they will think first of Leadership Strategies – The Facilitation Company.

Our Mission: To serve as a facilitator of positive, impactful results for our clients through practical, dynamic, and interactive facilitation and training services.

Our Core Beliefs: We believe facilitation is a powerful tool for helping people reach better decisions, often faster, with much higher levels of buy-in and commitment.

  • Better decisions…because a diversity of views were openly shared and considered.
  • Often faster…because the processes used promote productive and efficient communication.
  • With much higher levels of buy-in and commitment…because those impacted by
    the decisions were involved in creating them.

We believe that…

  • The more people in an organization who understand and are skilled at facilitation…
  • And the more that facilitation is used in leading people, managing teams, creating strategy, developing products, running meetings, etc.
  • The more productive and effective an organization can be.