Marketing Manager

Leadership Strategies, the nation’s leader in providing professional facilitators and group facilitation training, is seeking an experienced Marketing Manager with proven skills in producing business results to
join us as a working manager leading our two-person marketing team.

The successful candidate for our Marketing Manager position will have a proven history of displaying certain clearly defined core competencies.

  1. Driven for achievement. Our Marketing Manager will have an exceptional level of motivation, energy and drive. We are focused on extremely high levels of achievement and the leader of our marketing team must set a strong example by his or her own work ethic and willingness to take the initiative.
  2. Working manager. Given the size of the team, we are not looking for someone who is just good at telling others what to do. We expect our Marketing Manager to roll up the sleeves and actively take on significant portions of the marketing function.
  3. Results-orientation. Our marketing manager must be able to focus on three or four key metrics and concentrate resources on moving the needle in those specific areas.
  4. Collaborative style. As the nation’s leading facilitation company, we are highly collaborative in our decision-making, believe strongly that great ideas can come from anywhere, and therefore place a premium on giving opportunities for input.  If you prefer making decisions on your own and find it bothersome to hear the input of others, you will not find a comfortable home here.
  5. Strategic focus. The Marketing Manager is a critical member of our Leadership Team.  Therefore, he or she will be strategic in focus and take a company-wide view of issues. If you prefer playing territorial politics (e.g., focusing solely on what’s in the best interest of marketing), please inquire elsewhere.
  6. Capable coach and coachable learner. No one is perfect and we find that people are better when they recognize the areas in which they need to improve and are provided opportunities to do. Therefore, our Marketing Manager will be an effective coach who takes time to develop and give feedback to others. He or she will also be extremely coachable. If you are reluctant to admit mistakes and what you learned from them, or if you can’t name any changes you have made based on feedback you have received, we are not the right environment for you.
  7. Managerial courage. Our company believes in holding ourselves and our team accountable. Superficial congeniality or any hint of saying one thing then doing another is not acceptable. Our Marketing Manager will let others know exactly where they stand by providing current, direct, complete and behavior-oriented feedback. While warmth, tact, and diplomacy are necessary skills, and we don’t value intimidation, if you are uncomfortable having fierce conversations with people this position is not a good fit for you.

As a 90% virtual work environment, we are the right place for leaders who enjoy working hard, accomplishing big things, gaining insights from others, and developing young talent, while reaping rewards for themselves and their families.


The overall goal of our marketing team is to present our organization and our capabilities in a way that leads to a steady stream of highly qualified leads for our training and consulting services. The successful candidate will report to the Managing Director and will serve both as both the director and a direct implementer of marketing initiatives.  We expect the position to require about 10% marketing strategy and reporting, 15% Leadership Team activities, 35% coaching and vendor management, and 40% hands-on execution as follows.

Marketing strategy (10%)

  • Develop the overall marketing strategy for the company.
  • Analyze sales, marketing and customer data to identify needs and opportunities.
  • Report monthly on marketing results and revise strategies as needed.
  • Stay abreast of marketing innovations that can benefit the company.
  • Maintain the marketing budget.
  • Maintain a rolling three-month forecast of marketing performance.
  • Execute annual customer surveys and ad hoc customer interviews.

Leadership Team activities (15%)

  • Serve as a member on the Leadership Team, providing innovation, collaboration, strategic and critical thinking, and input on strategic direction and decisions about the operation.
  • Guide the direction of the organization.
  • Generate new ideas.
  • Work collaboratively with others to analyze alternatives and make decisions in the best interest of the organization.
  • Attend weekly Leadership Team meetings, including a monthly all-day session.
  • Exemplify our values in all activities.

Coaching and vendor management (35%)

  • Recruit, equip, motivate, coach, evaluate, reward and retain a quality marketing force focused on achieving marketing targets.
  • Provide direction to marketing team members on market strategy execution, metrics and communications.
  • Hold one-to-one sessions with team members to provide coaching and feedback.
  • Secure and manage vendor relationships.
  • Establish and monitor marketing targets for all members of the marketing team.

Hands-on execution (40%)

Please note:  The Marketing Manager is a working manager position. Along with overseeing all areas of marketing, the Marketing Manager will provide hands-on, day-to-day execution of at least two of the following functions.

  • Account-based marketing execution
  • Acquisition and management of
    speaking opportunities
  • Campaign management
  • Copywriting and editing
  • Email marketing, content marketing
    and newsletters
  • Marketing collateral design and development
  • Search engine optimization, web marketing, web analytics
  • Social media
  • Webinar management
  • Website management


In line with our high performance culture, all positions at Leadership Strategies have a base salary and incentives compensation structure. The successful candidate can expect salary and incentives to total $90K-$110K, depending upon performance.

How to Maximize Your Chance of Landing This Position

Provide a narrative letter that responds to the following.  Send the letter with your resume to

Candidates are REQUIRED to provide a narrative letter highlighting:

Marketing Experience. Indicate (a) the number years in marketing, (b) number of years in a marketing manager role, (c) number of years working for a business under $15 million in revenue.

Marketing Results. Give an example of business results achieved as a result of your marketing activities.

ABM Experience. Give an example of account-based marketing activities you have led and the results achieved.

Marketing Focus. Indicate which two areas below you are best suited to execute as a working manager.

  • Account-based marketing execution
  • Acquisition and management of speaking opportunities
  • Campaign management
  • Copywriting and editing
  • Email marketing, content marketing and newsletters
  • Marketing collateral design and development
  • Search engine optimization, web marketing, web analytics
  • Social media
  • Webinar management
  • Website management

We recognize that we are asking you for a lot of information. However, by answering the questions in your narrative letter, you will demonstrate that you understand our needs and are a good fit for this position.

If you send us a standard cover letter that describes your skills without responding to our specific needs, we will likely assume that this position is not suitable for you.