What does success look like?  We have had the good fortune of working with hundreds of companies, spanning multiple industries and disciplines, and here is what success looks like to them!

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Facilitation Training

Thomas International, Inc. (Consulting)

“I was thinking to myself on the flight down that this is going to be a long, long 4 days. Much to my surprise (and delight) Andrea Young found a way to keep the information and learning meaningful, interesting and fun. I just posted on my own LinkedIn page how highly I thought of her and publicly recommended her to others looking to ramp up their game. She’s brilliant. Thanks very much, my expectations were not just met, not just exceeded, but blown out of the water.”

Terry Weir

National Education Association (Education)

“I am so glad I did it! This was probably the best professional development course I have ever taken. Hands down. Mark Smith was the epitome of professionalism, knowledge, inclusiveness and had a sense of humor with just the right touch. Initially, I thought 3 days was a bit over the top for this course, but Mark helped me see why it was so important to have such a comprehensive curriculum. No time was wasted. Every activity we practiced mirrored real life events and it was phenomenal. As icing on the cake, I even got honorable mention at the end of the course for having an amazing “cadre” of facilitation questions that we had just learned in the previous two days. I was already applying them! I can’t say enough good things about Mark, I’d be happy to take any course he teaches.”

Glen M. Taylor

American Fidelity Assurance Co. (Finance and Insurance)

“Many process improvement leaders and project managers lack basic facilitation skills. I know Lean practitioners that know Lean inside and out and can apply the methodology and make suggestions for improvement, but they lack an understanding of team dynamics and the skills to lead the team to solid decisions and through implementation. I have witnessed many instances of false consensus and the result is an action plan that is either not implemented or poorly implemented. Lean is blamed instead of poor facilitation. What effective facilitation of a Lean initiative produces is team buy-in, an understanding of the team’s purpose, and a true commitment from the team to implement the action plan. Wonderful by-products are fewer follow-up meetings and team members who are excited about Lean.”

Paula Liotine – Process Improvement Project Leader, American Fidelity Assurance Co.

ARB Pro Group (Consulting)

“This is just to thank you again for your excellent workshop in St. Petersburg. On the morning after the [Secrets to Facilitating Strategy] workshop was done, we all gathered in the same green classroom to collect feedback and to draft an implementation plan. Now, after we have finished or prepared six strategy sessions, I can see the value of the workshop more practically. We seriously upgraded our techniques as well as reached consensus on a number of methodological issues.”

Demid Golikov – Head of Strategy Consulting Practice, ARB Pro Group

Fortune 500 Manufacturing Company (Manufacturing)

“I’d like to share a recent success shared by a member of my team who completed The Effective Facilitator. He was asked to facilitate a very large meeting. The meeting had the potential of getting out of control quickly and easily… However, after applying the course’s other principles – such as IEEI, ground rules, meeting purpose and defining consensus – the group managed to settle down in the meeting.”

Steve Anderson – CI Staff Specialist, Fortune 500 Manufacturing Company

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Nancy Alexander Consulting (Consulting Firm)

Nancy Alexander – who has been facilitating for 30 years – completed The Effective Facilitator and explains how the course helped her as an independent consultant and executive coach.

“The Effective Facilitator workshop was really an amazing experience for me – even considering the years of experience that I have as a facilitator. It gave me tools and techniques, and I think, most of all, a real sense of confidence… A lot of what being facilitator is about is managing the content and the process at the same time.”

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Carolina Venot (Consulting Firm)

Carolina Venot just finished her second step to facilitation mastery in our Advanced Facilitation Skills course. She recounts her experience with Leadership Strategies from The Effective Facilitator.

“I think it was a phenomenal class… It really takes you through the process of facilitation. It gives you questioning techniques, engagement techniques…”

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Tenth and Blake Beer Company (Food Services & Accommodations)

“This training was by far one of the best uses of my time – highly engaging! I appreciated our instructor, Richard Smith, and his ability to throw in real-world examples. This training offers real-world use pretty much the day you walk out of there – from getting people more involved in meetings and keeping them actively engaged. As a result of this training, I’ve been able to build higher levels of trust and more value in my client relationships. Additionally, since the training, our team has averaged a score of 8.8 out of 10, and over 70% of participants have rated us as either 9 or 10 in terms of facilitation.”

Jack Farris – Project Apollo Lead, Tenth and Blake Beer Company

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Investors Group Inc. (Finance and Insurance)

“Most learning professionals are familiar with the phrase ‘telling ain’t training’. After having completed The Effective Facilitator program, I would suggest the phrase be revised to: ‘telling ain’t training and training ain’t facilitating’. The Effective Facilitator program provided me with an improved set of facilitation skills, techniques and best practices that will improve the value I bring to my internal clients.”

Trevor Hubert – Director, Corporate Training and Development, Investors Group Inc.

Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library (Government: City, State, County)

“The training from Leadership Strategies has given our staff practical skills for running effective meetings. More importantly, it provided insight for making decisions and leading a group. This training goes beyond what is learned in school and in the workplace. As a management team, the facilitation training techniques encourages us to see what is necessary to make decisions and accomplish goals.”

Rob Banks – Chief Operating Officer, Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library

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Quintiles Transnational (Pharmaceutical & Biotech)

“Can I give 6+ out of 5?  You guys have redefined excellence!”

Nicky Rousseau – Vice President for Global Compensation and Benefits, Quintiles Transnational

Wincor Nixdorf, Inc. (Business & Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services)

“The methodology and tools from LSI worked like a charm… The team experienced a new form of facilitation, with high levels of interaction, dialogue, and buy-in. Their experience was especially different compared with prior strategic planning workshops.”

Milan Radulovich – Vice President of Business Development, Wincor Nixdorf, Inc.

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Schneider Electric (Energy & Utilities)

“The Facilitation Skills for Trainers course was transformational for our technically-oriented training team!  Instructor Tierah Chorba expertly modeled creative and engaging delivery techniques ensuring our team’s success.  In-class practice generated excitement and team confidence that remains high several weeks post training.”

Tracie Morris, Competency Development Coach, Schneider Electric – Nashville, TN

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Heartland Visioning (Non-Profit Organization)

“I recently took The Effective Facilitator with Leslie Stein as the instructor. I just want to say that I have never been so inspired, engaged and excited to learn and practice what I’ve learned! The material is wonderful, but Leslie’s totally “ALL OR NOTHING” approach to reaching every participant was so captivating and impressive! Please make sure you keep her representing your company and inspiring others to lead and facilitate well!! I will certainly never do either the same way again!”

Andrea A’Jay Scipio – Kansas African American Affairs Commission and Heartland Visioning Member

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ExxonMobil (Energy & Utilities)

“I receive 10 times the amount of input from participants from what I used to [before taking The Effective Facilitator], and I capture what the real issues are, versus that I “feel” they might be!”

Chad Klekar, CAPM – ExxonMobil Global Services Company

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Scotiabank (Finance & Insurance)

The participant dynamics were fantastic. The energy was high; the facilitation was excellent. I learned both from the instructor, as well as through observation. I left with so much information and I know, IF I apply it (which I will!), it will allow me to develop the conscious competence that I need.

Dorcas Cox – Scotiabank, Nassau, Bahamas

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Checkfree Corporation/Fiserv (Finance & Insurance)

“I want to thank you again for a very excellent training …The adrenaline was still flowing through my veins on my way home from the course. I had a meeting that evening with a group of 4 folks related to local government… I didn’t have flip charts, but I was taking comments, listing, grouping, and wrapped the whole thing up in a neat little ball in about an hour, and we were out of there. Just wanted to say thanks again…”

A.L., Senior Product Designer – CheckFree Corporation

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NASA (Government)

“…I highly recommend this course to anyone who has to deal with groups of people and needs to motivate, inspire and focus them to reach a stated goal. The techniques provided in this course, along with the practical experience you get through the exercises …will serve the graduates and their future participants well.”

Mario Busacca, Environmental Program Office – NASA

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AutoTrader.com (Retail & Wholesale Trade)

““Let me start by telling you how much I truly appreciated the Effective Facilitator class. I have used the principles I learned during this course in all aspects of life, both personally and professionally…I now recognize what it takes to turn a “good” meeting into a “great” meeting”

Jason E. Kean, Project Coordinator – AutoTrader.com

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Lockheed Martin (Manufacturing)

“Lesson Learned? Set guidelines for making and recording comments at the beginning of the session.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom!”

Bob Bogle, Human Resources Skills Training – Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company

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Phifer Incorporated (Manufacturing)

“Taking The Effective Facilitator course prior to moving into this new position facilitated my transition with ease right out of the starting blocks because I was prepared to lead groups to decision-making even before I needed to be.”

Chuck Ziemer, Continuous Improvement Facilitator – Phifer Incorporated

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Boardwalk Consulting (Consulting)

“Thank you for sharing your wisdom in such a palatable, accessible and compelling way. I just wish you had published it a couple of months earlier!”

Sam Pettway, Founding Director – BoardWalk Consulting

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Vertek Institute of Technology (Technology)

“This was far and away the best [consulting skills course] I have taken, and Leadership Strategies did a great job. Not only did they know their stuff, but they were very candid about the challenges and limitations of consulting.”

Class participant via Kristin Kehde, Training Manager – Vertek

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Facilitation Services

New England Transportation Consortium (Transoportation and Warehousing)

“I contacted Leadership Strategies while searching for a meeting facilitator online… Leadership Strategies was able to find a local facilitator who had experience in our line of work, as well as secure an agreed-upon work plan and contract, in what seemed like the blink of an eye, maybe as short as one week’s time in real life.  The facilitator was highly skilled and thoroughly prepared when it came down to the meeting time.  The facilitator’s ability to organize the group was so impressive that even I have been considering taking some classes to learn the tricks of the trade…  I would recommend Leadership Strategies to all of my peers and colleagues.  The Business Developer, Holly Larson, and Facilitator, Andrea Young, were a dream to work with!”

Amanda Hanaway-Corrente, PE, MBA – Coordinator, New England Transportation Consortium

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Avnet, Inc (Professional Services)

“I sincerely appreciate the tool Michael and Leadership Strategies provided me and continue to use it in my facilitation at Avnet and with our customers and suppliers.”

Charles Tombazian, Director of Global Strategic Planning – Avnet, Inc

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United Way of Central Ohio (Non-Profit Organization)

“What came out of the strategic planning session with Leadership Strategies close to one year ago has impacted conversations every week since then. We regularly reference the reports that were generated from the meetings and use them as the foundation for our future planning!”

Michelle Vander Stouw, Director of Health– United Way of Central Ohio

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Coast to Coast Event Rentals, LLC (Professional Services)

“The session enabled us to really capitalize on our strengths, identify our weaknesses and create a plan moving forward to improve our team relationships. Increasing effective long distance communication is key to the success of any organization.”

Jim Baker, Owner – Coast to Coast Event Rentals

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Southern Civil Engineers, Inc (Professional Services)

“I find myself when I have seen a great movie, read a great book or had great experience-having great flashbacks that reinforce the great take away. I am having those now from your facilitation this past week. The group said, ‘This is the best Strategic Planning session ever!”

Jim Hamiliton, President – Southern Civil Engineers

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Georgia Association for Women Lawyers (Non-Profit Organization)

As we dig into our action plans for our top strategies, we know that we are all on the same page, working for the same goals, for the same reasons. THAT is a positive Board experience.”

Rebecca Godbey, Esq., President-Elect – Georgia Association for Women Lawyers

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YWCA of Greater Atlanta (Non-Profit Organization)

“After the session with Leadership Strategies, the YWCA made some changes in terms of their programming which allowed their organization to become even more financially sound than they were prior to this session.”

Faith Carmichael, former Director of Marketing and Communications – YWCA of Greater Atlanta

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Families First (Non-Profit Organization)

What we got [with the facilitated session] was a focused approach, justified from a financial standpoint, with rationalized future financial projections that we all supported and “owned.” By July 1, 2004, we had already met and surpassed our goal of becoming a state approved provider and had over 460 people entering the program.”

Mary Hammons, Program Manager – Families First

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