Who is Leadership Strategies?

Leadership Strategies – The Facilitation Company has rapidly become one of the national leaders in facilitation services.

  • We provide organizations with professional facilitators who facilitate executive teams and task forces in topics such as strategic planning, issue resolution, requirements analysis, process improvement and conference forums.
  • Along with being expert facilitators, we also train people in facilitation, leadership, and other soft skills. We offer public classes in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, Toronto, Washington, DC, and Sydney and on-site private classes for clients around the nation and the world.

Our facilitators are experts in the Principles of Facilitationtm, our facilitation methodology which includes the ten fundamental principles of facilitation and over 90 specific techniques for implementing the principles. The principles provide a comprehensive approach for facilitating any session, and ensure a consistent level of quality and effectiveness in our work. Our CEO’s book, The Secrets of Facilitation is the number one facilitation book on Amazon.com.

What makes us different?

Perhaps our clients say it best:

  • Most productive executive session we’ve had in years.
  • “Great toolbox.  I can’t wait to get back.  I’ll use the information day one.”
  • “The facilitator kept the energy high.  Everyone was involved.  There was no way you could fall asleep.”
  • “I’ve seen many facilitators in my time.  You all are the best.”
  • “I never doodled once!”

What is the Company's address, fax number, & EIN?

56 Perimeter Center East, Suite 103
Atlanta, GA 30346
Phone: 770.454.1440
Fax: 770.454.1460
EIN: 58-2019848

GSA MOBIS Contract No. GS-10F-0435R
Period Covered by Contract: 8/18/10 through 8/17/15
New Dates: 8/18/15 through 8/17/15

How old and how large is the company?

The company started in 1991 with a focus on helping community-based organizations with strategic planning and facilitation. Starting with just our founder, the company has grown to a team of over 35 employees and core contractors, with annual revenues in excess of $3 million.

Today we offer public classes in Atlantic City, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Sydney, Toronto, Washington, DC, and Atlanta, where we have our headquarters. We also provide private, on-site classes for clients around the nation and throughout the world.

What is the experience of your staff?

Our full-time and part-time staff includes professionals who were formerly with some of the top companies nationally, including Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, Life of Georgia, Xerox, American Software and Ernst & Young.

Facilitation is our core competency. Therefore, each of our instructors/consultants are veteran facilitators. Most are certified instructors of our facilitation course, The Effective Facilitator.

What is the price of a public class?

The standard per person seminar fee is $2495, $1945, $1195, $645 and $595 for a four-day, three-day, two-day, one-day and half-day class, respectively. (The two-day Advanced Facilitation class is $2495 due to the size of the class and the use of two facilitators.)

Organizations which pre-register three or more participants at the same time and for the same class date receive a 20% discount off the standard seminar fee.

Government organizations are eligible for a 10% discount.

Discounts can not be combined.

Public Class Schedule

How do I register for a class?

To maximize your learning experience, we limit seminars to 24 participants (10 for the Advanced Facilitation class).

Click here to register online. Or you can register by calling us at 1.800.824.2850.

What is your public class cancellation/transfer policy?

Leadership Strategies understands that circumstances may arise requiring a participant to cancel and/or reschedule their registration for a public class.

If a cancellation/transfer request is made 7 business days prior to the class, the participant is entitled to a full refund. Participants who cancel/transfer less than 7 business days before the class will be responsible for the entire course fee. Fifty-percent of this course fee may be applied to a future class within six months of the original course. Participant substitutions are acceptable.

Leadership Strategies will make every attempt not to cancel any scheduled class. If a class cancellation is required for any reason, participants will be notified 10 calendar days prior to the class via phone and/or e-mail. Participants may apply the registration fee to a future class, or request a full refund. Please note, when a class is cancelled, Leadership Strategies will reimburse any airfare cancellation/transfer fees up to $100 after receiving flight cancellation/transfer receipt.

Do you customize classes and hold them just for a single client?

Absolutely! In fact, this is our preference. By customizing a class, it makes it even easier for the participants to transfer their learned skills to the workplace. By holding a “private” class for your people, it is possible to have extended discussions on issues specific to your environment. (See below for related fees for private classes and customization.) For more information, call us at 1.800.824.2850 or click here to have us contact you.

Learn more about Private Classes.

Click here to have us contact you.

What is the cost of a private class?

Director Non-director Particpants Additional
Quarter day $3,650 $3,300 Up to 24 $50 per participant
Half day $5,200 $4,500 Up to 24 $50 per participant
One day $7,900 $6,500 Up to 24 $100 per participant
Two day $11,200 $11,000 Up to 16* $250 per participant
Three day $15,800 $15,500 Up to 16* $250 per participant
Four day $20,400 $20,000 Up to 16* $250 per participant

* For courses which include video-taping, the 16 participants break down further as 12 full participants and 4 auditors. The auditors fully participate in all phases of the class with one exception due to time constraints: on the final day rather than facilitating video-taped sessions, auditors play the role of session attendees.

The fee for a second instructor is $2600 per day. Up to 24 full participants are permitted in a two-instructor class.

Learn more about Private Classes.

What is the typical price of a one-day facilitation assignment?

Facilitation, Consulting and Course Customization are charged based on the daily billing rate of the consultants providing assistance as follows:

  • Senior Director – $5900/day
  • Director – $3900/day
  • Principal – $2900/day
  • Senior Manager – $2500/day
  • Documentor – $800/day

Travel time (outside metropolitan Atlanta) is charged at $140/hour and billed as four hours plus round-trip scheduled flight time.

A one-day facilitation assignment typically requires a half-day of preparation, which includes meeting with the project sponsor to plan the session, and additional time for the facilitator to review materials, prepare questions, etc. Therefore one day of facilitation and a half-day of planning and preparation is typically billed, for a total fee of $3750-$8850, depending on the level of the Facilitator requested.

In our commitment to serve our community, community-based, non-profit organizations receive a 20% discount off our standard rates.

What are some of the consulting projects you have undertaken?

With facilitation as our core capability, we are involved in a variety of different assignments with both large and very small organizations.

View a partial list of our clients

A sampling of our projects include the following:

Unisys Corporation

As a $13 billion manufacturer of computer hardware, Unisys recognized that critical to their success was the ability to adapt to the changing focus from mainframe batch processors to workstations and the client/server environment. Recently Unisys convened a one-day conference of their 40 top executives worldwide to address three critical internal “barriers to growth” to successfully making the transition. Leadership Strategies designed the process used to analyze the barriers and facilitated this demanding group to consensus on twelve specific strategies for overcoming the barriers.

Data General

Corporation Data General commissioned Leadership Strategies to facilitate the executive team through the definition of information requirements for an executive information system (EIS). Our critical success factor analysis process was used, in conjunction with individual interviews and an “executive focus session”, to define the key EIS requirements.

Atlanta Regional Commission VISION 2020

We assisted the ARC in developing a strategic plan that will carry the Atlanta region to the year 2020. The ARC identified ten primary areas for strategic focus, including transportation, housing, environment, and diversity. For each of the ten areas, 40-to-60 “stakeholders” – government officials, business leaders, community activists, and special interest advocates – met monthly as a collaborative over a one year period to detail the vision and determine the objectives, strategies, and action plans to achieve the vision. Leadership Strategies provided professional facilitators to manage the process and guide the strategic planning activities of each of the ten collaboratives.

Georgia Department of Administrative Services

To identify methods for achieving significant improvements in the field purchase order process, this Department of the State engaged the firm in a process reengineering project. The effort covered twenty sessions spanning all Divisions within the Department. Recommendations from the activity include reducing the processing time for field purchase orders by over 50 percent.

United Way

We have worked with United Ways in several states and the United Way of America in facilitating executive board retreats, planning teams, and work groups. Our facilitation services have covered a variety of issues including strategic direction setting, defining critical need areas, designing an allocation process, identifying community building best practices and building implementation plans.

American Software

For American Software, a Leadership Strategies business partner, we provide dynamic facilitators to lead discussions in featured programs as part of the organization’s semi-annual Users Conference. Topics include the following:

  • Facilitating User JAD Sessions
  • Strategies for Managing User Relationships
  • Dealing with Dysfunctional Behavior in Meetings
  • Building Consensus
  • What every Systems Analyst should know about Strategic Planning
  • Work with Non-Profit Organizations

Our firm has facilitated strategic planning and project planning sessions for numerous associations and non-profit organizations. Click here for a partial list of our clients.