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Sinead Condon and Kevin Mackie of CA Technologies discuss the tremendous impacts on agility, innovation, and success that taking a facilitative approach to leadership provides.

CA Technologies helps customers succeed in a future where every business— from apparel to energy— is being rewritten by software. With CA software at the center of their IT strategy, organizations can leverage the technology that changes the way we live— from the data center to the mobile device.

The Leadership Strategies methodology of taking a facilitative approach is taught in our workshop, The Facilitative Leader.

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Raving Fans

Victoria H. Harp – Lockheed Martin

“I was able to bring some of the tools and skills I learned in The Effective Facilitator to an employee personal preparedness workshop I facilitated under contract with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)… The evaluations are back, and I am proud to report that the changes proved very successful. In fact, this was the first time I was ever singled out by a participant.”

Read Victoria’s full testimonial here.

Paula Liotine – Process Improvement Project Leader, American Fidelity Assurance Co.

“Many process improvement leaders and project managers lack basic facilitation skills. I know Lean practitioners that know Lean inside and out and can apply the methodology and make suggestions for improvement, but they lack an understanding of team dynamics and the skills to lead the team to solid decisions and through implementation. I have witnessed many instances of false consensus and the result is an action plan that is either not implemented or poorly implemented. Lean is blamed instead of poor facilitation. What effective facilitation of a Lean initiative produces is team buy-in, an understanding of the team’s purpose, and a true commitment from the team to implement the action plan. Wonderful by-products are fewer follow-up meetings and team members who are excited about Lean.”

Demid Golikov – Head of Strategy Consulting Practice, ARB Pro Group

“This is just to thank you again for your excellent workshop in St. Petersburg. On the morning after the [Secrets to Facilitating Strategy] workshop was done, we all gathered in the same green classroom to collect feedback and to draft an implementation plan. Now, after we have finished or prepared six strategy sessions, I can see the value of the workshop more practically. We seriously upgraded our techniques as well as reached consensus on a number of methodological issues.”

Steve Anderson – CI Staff Specialist, Fortune 500 Manufacturing Company

“I’d like to share a recent success shared by a member of my team who completed The Effective Facilitator. He was asked to facilitate a very large meeting. The meeting had the potential of getting out of control quickly and easily… However, after applying the course’s other principles – such as IEEI, ground rules, meeting purpose and defining consensus – the group managed to settle down in the meeting.”

Read Steve’s full testimonial here.

Mike Gavosto – Resource Director, YMCA

“It captured my interest to do the full-fledge four-day course… It has been a great experience. I would definitely recommend it to anybody that’s considering learning more, growing better at, and just empowering themselves to become a better facilitator.”

Click here to watch Mike share his testimonial.

Nancy Alexander, MBA – Consultant, Nancy Alexander Consulting

“The Effective Facilitator workshop was really an amazing experience for me – even considering the years of experience that I have as a facilitator. It gave me tools and techniques, and I think, most of all, a real sense of confidence… A lot of what being facilitator is about is managing the content and the process at the same time.”

Click here to watch Nancy share her testimonial.

Carolina Venot – Management Consultant

Carolina Venot just finished her second step to facilitation mastery in our Advanced Facilitation Skills course. She recounts her experience with Leadership Strategies from The Effective Facilitator.

“I think it was a phenomenal class… It really takes you through the process of facilitation. It gives you questioning techniques, engagement techniques…”

Click here to watch Carolina share her testimonial.

Jack Farris – Project Apollo Lead, Tenth and Blake, a Division of MillerCoors

“This training was by far one of the best uses of my time – highly engaging! I appreciated our instructor, Richard Smith, and his ability to throw in real-world examples. This training offers real-world use pretty much the day you walk out of there – including running more effective meetings and keeping people actively engaged. As a result of this training, I’ve been able to build higher levels of trust and more value in my client relationships. Additionally, since the training, our team has averaged a score of 8.8 out of 10, and over 70% of participants in our workshops have rated us as either 9 or 10 in terms of facilitation.”

Jack Farris and his team at Tenth and Blake, the craft and import division of MillerCoors, completed a private, custom training in The Effective Facilitator and The Facilitative Consultant.

Trevor Hubert – Director, Corporate Training and Development, Investors Group Inc.

“Most learning professionals are familiar with the phrase ‘telling ain’t training’. After having completed The Effective Facilitator program, I would suggest the phrase be revised to: ‘telling ain’t training and training ain’t facilitating’. The Effective Facilitator program provided me with an improved set of facilitation skills, techniques and best practices that will improve the value I bring to my internal clients.”

Rob Banks – Chief Operating Officer, Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library

“The training from Leadership Strategies has given our staff practical skills for running effective meetings. More importantly, it provided insight for making decisions and leading a group. This training goes beyond what is learned in school and in the workplace. As a management team, the facilitation training techniques encourages us to see what is necessary to make decisions and accomplish goals.”

Read more about Rob’s testimonial.

Nicky Rousseau – Vice President for Global Compensation and Benefits, Quintiles Transnational Corp

“Can I give 6+ out of 5? You guys have redefined excellence!”

Nicky shared this comment after completing the four-day training course, The Effective Facilitator.

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What does success look like? At Leadership Strategies, our success is measured by yours. See how others describe success and how they achieved it. Regardless of your organization, industry, or discipline, your success is important. Real people, real leaders – just like you – have turned to Leadership Strategies to solve chronic problems and bring change that delivers impressive results for high-performing individuals and teams.

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Any investment, large or small, demands results. Our clients have shared with us that investing in facilitation training from Leadership Strategies results in – not only noticeable improvement in meeting results and organizational engagement – but clear improvements to the bottom line.

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The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a customer loyalty metric used by many large companies across all industries to measure the willingness of clients to recommend a product or service to others. At Leadership Strategies, we consistently ask our clients the one defining question, “How likely is it that you would recommend Leadership Strategies to a friend or colleague?” The overwhelming answer – very likely – based on our Net Promoter Score.

A Harvard Business Review study shared on HubSpot shows that many industries have a Net Promoter Score below 50. (See graph below.) In a recent study of large companies, USAA-Banking received the highest rating, 83%.

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