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Learn more about meeting facilitation, strategic planning, and consulting for FREE and conveniently from your own desk with one of our webinars. These 60-minute sessions are packed with practical strategies, full of energy, and extremely interactive – unlike anything you’ve been a part of before. You will discover techniques you can use immediately – plus a preview of what our dynamic trainings are like.

“Engaging and a valuable use of your time”

Paula Liotine

Process Improvement Project Leader, American Fidelity Assurance Co.

“What effective facilitation of a Lean initiative produces is team buy-in, an understanding of the team’s purpose, and a true commitment from the team to implement the action plan. Wonderful by-products are fewer follow-up meetings and team members who are excited about Lean.”

Mike Gavosto

Resource Director, YMCA

“It captured my interest to do the full-fledge four-day course… It has been a great experience. I would definitely recommend it to anybody that’s considering learning more, growing better at, and just empowering themselves to become a better facilitator.”

Demid Golikov

Head of Strategy Consulting Practice, ARB Pro Group

“We seriously upgraded our techniques as well as reached consensus on a number of methodological issues.”

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Introduction to Facilitating Groups – The Secrets of Facilitation

Even the most experienced executives, managers, and facilitators struggle with group dynamics in a room; they differ from session to session, making it difficult for you to predict your group’s chemistry. When opinions and ideas are flying around the room causing emotional distress and disagreement, how do you regain control and confidently lead your group to effective results?