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Facilitation Skills Improve All Aspects Of Your Business

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Facilitation Services

Do you have an important session coming up? Achieve the results you need from it. Partner with one of our skilled facilitators, so your group can focus on the outcome – not worry about the meeting.

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What is Facilitation?

fa-cil-i-tate(fe sil'e tat') Latin. Facilis

To make easy

A facilitated session is a highly-structured meeting in which the meeting leader (the facilitator) guides the participants through a series of pre-defined steps to arrive at a result that is created, understood and accepted by all participants.

Every facilitated session has a specific purpose or result to be achieved. For example, the purpose of a particular facilitated meeting might be to create a strategic plan for the organization, or improve the effectiveness of a specific process, or define a solution to a difficult problem.

To create the result, the participants are involved in a series of pre-defined steps. In the case of creating a strategic plan, the facilitated session might include the following steps:




Your time — and the time of each of your participants — is too important to waste on meetings
that do not accomplish objectives or fail to deliver results.

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Why Invest in Facilitation Skills?

Facilitation skills will transform all aspects of your business.

Your people conduct meetings every single day – often without the skills or methodology to achieve a meaningful outcome. The result? Countless hours are wasted in unproductive time, your employees feel unengaged and unwilling to collaborate, clients leave your meetings without confidence or buy-in, and your critical plans miss their mark. In today’s demanding workplace, these results will take you nowhere. The bottom line – the inability of your people to drive results through effective facilitation skills hurts your bottom line.

Training in facilitation will enhance your organization’s capabilities with a proven methodology that impacts all areas of your business – from how you meet to how you strategize to how you execute. You will avoid losing precious time on:


Unproductive, unfocused, unengaging meetings


Tedious sessions that do not achieve desired results


Group activities derailed by challenging behaviors

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Make sure every single minute is time well spent with professional facilitation.

Any structured group activity that requires the input, understanding and commitment of every participant hinges on a facilitator with advanced collaboration skills.

Effective facilitators will:


Command attention, interest and engagement from the beginning to the end.


Keep participants focused and on track with less interruptions and deviation from the agenda.


Quickly defuse difficult behaviors and minimize distractions.


Isolate issues and create bridges for consensus.


Create a comfortable environment to induce full participation.


Skillfully deploy an array of interaction and facilitation techniques.


Tailor their style to the needs of the particular group.


Inspire commitment to a common vision and an agreed upon action plan for moving forward.

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What Does a Facilitator Do?

The role of the facilitator is to guide the participants through a series of steps that result in them creating their solution. The facilitator does not dictate the solution but, instead, uses a focused process accompanied with engagement strategies to optimize group dynamics and help the group maximize its results. Master facilitators achieve a final result that is created, understood and accepted by all participants.

8 Roles of a Facilitator


The facilitator must know the steps of the process from beginning to end, and must carefully guide the participants through each phase.


From the rousing opening statement to the closing words of cheer, the facilitator must ignite a fire within the group and keep it well lit. The facilitator must establish momentum and keep the pace.

Bridge Builder

Where other people see differences, the facilitator must find and use similarities to build bridges to consensus.


Throughout the session, the facilitator must watch carefully for potential signs of strain, weariness, aggravation and disempowerment — and respond in advance to avoid dysfunctional behavior.


At every opportunity, the facilitator should praise the effort put forth, the progress made, and the results achieved. Praise well, praise often, praise specifically.


While it is almost always better to avoid a direct confrontation between participants, should one occur, the facilitator must quickly step in, re-establish order and direct the group toward a constructive resolution.


The facilitator is ultimately responsible for keeping the session on track; this means tactfully cutting short irrelevant discussions, preventing detours and maintaining a consistent level of detail throughout the session.

Active Listener

At every opportunity, the facilitator must make a conscious effort to hear and understand the content, intent, meaning and feeling of what is said.

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