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Through either classroom, virtual or blended formats, each class teaches key skills to help you with your meetings, training sessions, client relationships, strategic plans, and more. Expand your learning and network with others that are ready to grow

Helping you and your team find a clear solution that delivers.

Facilitating Groups

Acquire the skills required to organize, inspire, lead, and guide purposeful, high-impact teams that take ownership of their projects, coordinate with each other effectively and work together like a well-oiled machine.

Leadership Development

Discover, explore, and master the building blocks that “make” great leaders who and what they are. From enhanced communication skills to superior decision-making to strategic thinking, develop the skills that will put you on a fast track to the top.

Building Teams

Acquire the skills that help influential leaders build interactive, cohesive, and high-functioning teams with members who are invested in the team’s accomplishments.

Leading Meetings

Learn to facilitate super-effective meetings that have a clear purpose, inspire attendee engagement, bring forth creative ideas, and focus on results, whether it’s in-person or virtually.

Communication & Presentation Skills

Explore the broad spectrum of communication skills that will transform you into an articulate, empathetic, and confident communicator.

Managing Successful Projects

Identify the multiple dimensions of a successful project manager, understand how they work together to drive project success, and become the leader that your team looks up to for direction.

Training Delivery & Design

Learn to create powerful workshops that command high engagement from your audiences, elevate their skills and knowledge base with greater success, and leave them inspired to learn more.

Consulting & Client Relationships

Find out the secrets to building, maintaining, and nurturing client relationships that are mutually beneficial and survive the test of time.

Strategic Thinking and Planning

Hone your critical, logical, and strategic thinking skills to become an incisive problem-solver whose expertise and business perspectives are well-regarded by your peers and sought-after by employers.

Virtual Offerings

Acquire the skills you need to overcome the challenges emerging in the era of remote work and virtual meets to become an effective manager, facilitator, and consultant in a rapidly-changing world.


Learn facilitation skills at your own pace. Our easy-to-use online learning format ensures you can complete basic trainings in a short time and apply what you learn immediately to your work.

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A variety of powerful topics to take your skills to new levels.

There’s always room to improve and grow.

You might be dealing with:

  • New leadership position
  • An uninspired group
  • A team that isn’t communicating
  • Boring meetings

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Danielle F.

“If you are considering enhancing your skills by working with Leadership Strategies, I propose you make a plan and GO…. It will change the way in which you deliver results.”

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75% of participants rated our flagship course as “the best” or “one of the best” courses they’ve taken.

Patrick Pierce

“If you have not experienced the talent and grace presented in a strategy session from @leadstrat, do it. It’s not just a fun and rewarding time, but yields unparalleled results. Keep doing what you do Michael Wilkinson.”

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