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12 Ways to be a Better Co-Facilitator

Dec 06|Categories: Facilitation|Comment

12 Ways to be a Better Co-Facilitator

Picture this — you’re planning a large training workshop. You will be working with a co-facilitator. In theory, this partner will make your life...

successful facilitation behavior

5 Strategies for Facilitating Better Conversations

When we think of facilitators, the first people who come to mind generally are meeting leaders or team builders. Of course, facilitation is about...

Nov 08|Categories: Meetings|Comment

purpose board meeting strategy

Oct 25|Categories: Strategy|Comment

statement purpose dysfunction

Work with Purpose to Combat Dysfunction in Meetings

Does stating the purpose of a meeting help to you decide whom to include in a meeting? Does it help those invited decide whether...

Jul 11|Categories: Michael Wilkinson, CMF|Comment

“Crossing the River” – Michael’s favorite Engagement Strategy

Every trainer and facilitator has his/her favorite team building activity.  Some facilitators like the more active interventions such as rope courses; others prefer the more “touchy-feely” ones like trust walks; still others like using blind-folded instruction, or simulations like...