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Where culture is as important as performance and high engagement is the norm.

Employees have a base salary and incentives, with incentives contributing as much as 50% of total compensation. Contractors are compensated per event, with additional incentives related to participating in sales or referral activities.

Our facilitators are called upon to lead important executive retreats, strategy sessions, focus groups, conferences and other group sessions. We also provide training classes in facilitation skills, consulting and leadership.


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Our Guiding Principles

  • Collaboration

    We believe that collaboration leads to better decisions with higher levels of buy-in and commitment to action.

  • Personal

    We take personal responsibility.

  • Do the Right

    We do the right thing, even when no one is looking.

  • Continuous

    We seek continuous improvement.

  • Exceed the

    We meet our clients’ needs, not just satisfy their requirements.

  • Team Environment

    We maintain a positive, team environment.

  • Ownership

    We operate in the company as if it were our own.

Why Leadership Strategies?

Jamie Drake

Client Executive

I have loved my many years at Leadership Strategies on three levels. I have truly developed a set of amazing skills here that did not exist before. My personal growth and communication skills have improved tremendously, but most importantly, we have a true team atmosphere here that is like family and that means more than anything.

Patty Gaddis

Strategic Client Executive

Leadership Strategies is like no other place that I have ever worked. We play and work hard. We all have a stake in the company’s success. We focus on giving people and organizations the tools they need to be successful and that means that you learn something new every single day. I planned on working here for a year and that was over 12 years ago.

Doug Griswald

Client Executive

Leadership Strategies allows for a small family feeling environment but still provides the opportunity to work with the largest and most successful organizations in the world, and to really be able to make a difference for them.

April Wallace

Client Executive

Leadership Strategies is refreshing! You don’t find many companies that are transparent, encourage collaboration, and shout-out employees for good work, but by far, my favorite thing about Leadership Strategies is the family like culture – I can feel how much EVERYONE cares for the wellbeing of me and my family!

Tajh Stegall

Training Coordinator

I love how my boss constantly pushes me beyond my comfort zone. She pushed me to take on projects that I thought were way beyond my abilities for both my age and knowledge, and I am so grateful for her insistence. It’s ok for me not to know everything, but boy am I learning so much so quickly.

Ashley Knezevic


What I love about my job is the collaborative environment where I can share my ideas and gain the support of my staff as we work together to offer creative feedback and then make our ideas a reality.

Sandra Liburd

Project Manager

What I love about my job is that everyone shares the same common achievable vision and is dedicated to the mission of our organization. I’m most proud of our genuine spirit of collaboration and shared goals all revolving around helping the customer. I love our people, the diverse personalities and our commitment for family and community.

Our Commitment to the Community

We have a genuine desire to serve others and are pleased to give back to our community. We have worked with numerous community-based and non-profit organizations.

  • ARC Partner Facilitation Careers
  • Georgia Family Connection Partnership Partner Facilitation Careers
  • United Way's Partner Facilitation Careers
  • Atlanta Public Schools Partner Facilitation Careers
  • Families First Partner Facilitation Careers