Better decisions


Bad decisions are made every day because of poor planning, lack of consensus, failure to execute – all implications of poor collaboration. Facilitators help you avoid this by engaging groups to reach decisions together and commit to action.

Often faster


How much time do you waste in meetings that fail to meet its desired goal? You spend valuable time and money when your group convenes for a meeting or activity. Partnering with a professional facilitator to lead your session helps ensure that your group is interactive, engaged, and committed to action. Today, billions of dollars are spent every year in meetings poorly run. Make your meeting well worth every dollar!

Higher levels of buy-in


Our facilitators help you design a highly-engaging, highly-successful meeting that starts and ends masterfully. Transform the way you meet and accomplish results.

Avoid the common challenges of poorly-managed meetings:

Your group meets without a clear purpose or process to achieve the intended outcome – thus wasting time and money.

You spend tedious hours of discussion bombarded by dysfunction and challenging group behaviors that are not productive.

Your participants show lack of engagement, little focus, zero motivation to take action and contribute ideas and solutions.

Addressing Core Issues

Need a strategic plan?

Planning a conference or retreat?

Have a complex issue?

Need to engage the community?

Facilitators know the step-by-step approach to address a variety of core issues.

Our facilitators provide best-in-class service to any individual or group planning a meeting or session. Backed by consistently-positive client ratings, our facilitators are skilled in both mastering meeting needs and providing consultative guidance where needed. Among our team are Certified Master Facilitators, Certified Professional Facilitators, and other experts with diverse specialties in:

  • Strategic planning
  • Team building
  • Conferences and retreats
  • Community engagement
  • Issue resolution
  • And more!

Your meetings no longer need to suffer.

Our skills in facilitation will help you:

  • Keep participants focused and on track
  • Quickly defuse difficult behaviors and minimize distractions
  • Skillfully deploy an array of engagement techniques
  • Develop consensus and bring a common vision to the surface
  • Build commitment for a workable, quantifiable action plan to move forward

Our Services

Strategic Planning Services

Have you spent countless hours developing strategic plans that haven’t delivered?  You’re not alone. While the statistics vary, typical success rates for strategic planning processes are poor. With the right guidance, creating an effective strategic plan is possible.

Other Meeting Facilitation Services

Meeting facilitation comes in all shapes and sizes. We offer a variety of services to help transform your teams and your meetings.

The PDI Difference

Leadership Strategies’ team has perfected our approach to training and facilitating meetings based on our PDI concept.


Running meetings efficiently requires a strategic process, but that process is only useful if it is understood by all who are following it. This is where Practical, easy-to-follow steps come into play.


We excite each of our trainings sessions’ participants from the onset by emanating energy and focusing on their needs and why they are there. This Dynamic approach keeps participants alert and eager to learn.


In order to successfully train people, you must get through to them. Our Interactive approach is targeted on engaging participants the entire time with thought-provoking questions, break-out sessions and games to review the facilitation training material.

Find a Facilitator for Your Next Session

Choose from over 500 facilitators available to you through our FindaFacilitator Database. Through this service, our expert Business Development Managers will help you:

  • Access a nationwide network of facilitators, including top-rated facilitators in your industry or field
  • Identify and define the specific skills, experience, and other criteria to match your group’s needs and get the job done right
  • View information on a facilitator’s ratings and feedback from other clients like you

Choose the right facilitator for your session or project by calling us at 800-824-2850 or visiting