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DISC Training Certification – Taking Flight!

Facilitators and trainers – are you interested in facilitating world class DISC training programs?  Perhaps, you have been training in DISC for years and are open to fresh activities, new insights, and premium materials to add to your repertoire.  Or, perhaps you are new to training with DISC and want to build your knowledge… Here is an upcoming certification opportunity by one of our partners, Team Builders Plus, to help you build or enhance your DISC knowledge and get DISC training certification – Taking Flight with DISC Certification.

Becoming certified in Taking Flight with DISC will equip you with the skills, insights, and best practices to facilitate engaging, epiphany-filled DISC training sessions. When participants are actively participating, the learning accelerates, light bulbs go off, and your impact soars.

Begin 2015 with this certification!

CLICK HERE for information about the certification, Taking Flight with DISC Certification. Seats are filling quickly.

Investing in Your Life: 7 Simple Ways to Advance Your Career

As leaders like you begin to plan for the coming new year, one of the questions you can expect to hear (or ask) is, “How am I doing?” Now is the time to develop plans to advance your skills for 2015, as your organization prepares departmental budgets and conducts end-of-year performance reviews and appraisals. While many might dread this time, we believe it is an important time. Isn’t your professional development (and salary) important to you? Empower yourself and your team with guidance on career advancement, such as this article from Forbes, “Investing in Your Life: 7 Simple Ways to Advance Your Career.”

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What type of virtual facilitation training is right for you?

Having trouble keeping your participants focused in your virtual meetings? Does your group leave meetings empty-handed? Or, are you new to mobile meetings like web conferences and need to get acclimated (fast)? You’ve identified a gap in important soft skills. It’s time for training. First assess which type of training is right for you to make your spending really worth it. There are several options to pick from and several key factors to consider.

Begin with this FREE QUIZ to help you choose.

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Coming Soon: Mobile Facilitation App

Our new meeting app will be available in late December. Help us name it!

From the leading provider of meeting facilitation training and services, you can expect to use a new app from us that will contain the tools you need to facilitate successful group meetings all in one convenient, mobile place. Preparing for an important meeting? Not sure where or how to start? Looking for techniques to prevent dysfunction and build consensus? Our new app will give you instant access to tools that professional meeting facilitators use to keep participants engaged from start to finish. Now at your fingertips – agenda templates, guides, and tips from The Effective Facilitator, the #1 facilitation course in the U.S.

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e-book: 7 Keys to Successful Client Meetings Online

From our friends at Lucid Meetings, the providers of an all-in-one meeting software for organized, engaged meetings – 7 Keys to Successful Client Meetings Online (e-book).

Do you regularly meet with your clients online? Make sure you prevent some of the most common meeting mistakes, such as:

  • Issues with technology
  • Unproductive discussions
  • Poor follow-up
  • No accountability

Make sure your clients are impressed by your skills and take your career to the next level.

Download the e-book here.

How to Prioritize Your Team’s Strategies: 3 Basic Principles

If you are a veteran of strategic planning, you know that most planning efforts result in more strategies than you can possibly implement at once. Most organizations would be fortunate to implement 6-12 strategic initiatives in a year. However, many teams end up with 25-40 potential strategies, and one team we worked with had over 100! How do you go about deciding which strategies to undertake first? How do you determine your priorities?

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Corporate Team-Building Activities: The Good, the Bad and the Really Ugly

Choosing a team-building activity or event is not an easy task – contrary to what many might believe is merely a social task. Our team-building facilitators find that popular activities like paintballing or indoor rock climbing – although likely considered “fun” by many people in your group – may not always be the best choices for your group. But, how do you decide which are?

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Tool Check: Free Download – 5 Ways to Make Corporate Training Deliver More ROI

“5 Ways to Make Corporate Training Deliver More ROI” – Markus Schwarz, senior vice president and global head of SAP Education, identifies five ways to ensure organizations see more return on investment (ROI) from their training and development. U.S. spending on corporate training grew by 15% last year – the highest growth rate in seven years – according to the 2014 Corporate Learning Factbook, the Bersin by Deloitte brief. While this is a positive indicator of good economic activity and continued fostering of employee development, HR and business leaders want to see realized value and return from investments in training. In this download, Schwarz writes:

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InterCall Study on Conference Calls: You’re Up Against Other Work, E-mails, & Food

A study from InterCall, the largest international conference call company, found some interesting (and painful) statistics about participant behavior when it comes to conference calls – including the ones that YOU lead everyday. Want to know what your group members are likely doing during your call? Some highlights from InterCall’s study:

  • 65% are doing other work
  • 63% are sending e-mail
  • 55% are eating or making food

Find out what others are doing during conference calls. Read Harvard Business Review’s full article here about the study.

Want to learn how to facilitate through these dysfunctions you’re up against? Arm yourself with virtual facilitation skills.

Preventing Dysfunction in Meetings with Facilitation

You have spent hours preparing for your company’s upcoming monthly meeting. As a corporate executive or project manager, your job is to shed light on the current issues the business is facing and get its team members to iron out a solution. Everyone is expected to be present at 8 a.m. sharp, yet like always, you notice a few stragglers coming in late and more than a handful of employees who would rather prefer to talk about their weekend gossip.

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