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Facilitation Can Make or Break Lean Six Sigma Application

May 18|Categories: Facilitation, Leader's Digest|Comment

Facilitation Can Make or Break Lean Six Sigma Application

By Beverly Smith, PhD, Vector International For any given business project, the successful application of Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques relies on the collective knowledge, experiences and contribution of a team of individuals.  The challenge then becomes –...

Tuesday’s Master Facilitation Tip: DYSFUNCTION SUCCESS! Preventing the Executive Feeding Frenzy

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, just about every major manufacturer of mainframe computers was facing the same critical problem: organizations weren’t buying a lot of mainframes but were instead investing in personal computers and servers. These manufacturers...

May 13|Categories: Leader's Digest, Tool Check|Comment

Tool Check: 3 Tools (+ Self-Assessment Test) to Advance in Facilitation

Skills Every Facilitator Needs to Have

The job and role of a facilitator is vital and a critical component of leadership and management. What does a facilitator do? Let us quickly define the facilitator’s job to enhance clarity for the discussion. A facilitator is one...

Tuesday’s Master Facilitation Tip: Dysfunction FAILURE!

While a member of one of the national consulting firms (and before learning any of the material that now make up The Secrets of Facilitation), I was working with an oil and gas exploration company in the southwest. We had...