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Leadership Strategies’ Patty Gaddis Accepted into the 2015 MS Leadership Class

Atlanta’s Corporate Stars Learn Formula for Leadership Success

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society announced today that Patty Gaddis from Leadership Strategies is one of 49 corporate leaders accepted into Atlanta’s 2015 MS Leadership Class. Gaddis serves as a Business Development Manager at Leadership Strategies and manages relationships with some of the company’s largest clients – including large corporations, government agencies, and non-profit organizations – for facilitation training and development and professional meeting facilitation services.   Click here to read more »

What Is the Role of Training When Realizing a Vision?

“Dreams don’t work unless you do.”

Every business leader and entrepreneur is well aware of this saying. Having a great vision for your company is an important first step in developing its full potential, but it’s not enough.

The second part of realizing that vision is training staff to adapt and succeed in your business’s new environment.

Read below to understand how developing your employees through comprehensive training can allow you to organically improve and strengthen the vision of your business.  Click here to read more »

9 Reasons to Not Host That Weekly Meeting

roomOur meeting facilitation skills training courses are designed to equip participants with the skills and training to run productive and focused business meetings.

However, we recognize that there are certain times when even the most skilled meeting facilitator should do away with regular weekly meetings. Below are some of these circumstances.

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Execution Pitfalls: Why Do Most Strategic Plans Fail?

“How do I move this plan from paper to execution?”…

… So asks the CEO of a medium-size service organization. He is frustrated. His organization is nearing the completion of the second year of a three-year plan and is preparing to hold the annual update retreat to review progress and make adjustments for the third year.

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Tool Check: Top 6 FREE Project Management Tools

Managing a project without the aid of software can turn even your most organized, ambitious project team into a chaotic mess. Your group has invested hard work and long hours in the project. Stop depending on basic spreadsheets that could be missing critical steps and risks in your plan. As the project leader, you are responsible for keeping the group on schedule and in harmony while mitigating risks – often, without the budget for sophisticated tools to manage your project. What do you do?
Here are six free software solutions for project managers (especially ideal for smaller organizations) recommended by Capterra:

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Engage Your Community Using Facilitation Services

Wherever we go, we are a part of a community. These dynamic groups can be wonderful to be a part of, but they are not without their issues. When a community issue arises, it is crucial to encourage engagement by using facilitation strategies. Click here to read more »

12 Presentation Tips To Keep Your Audience Awake and Engaged

After delivering facilitator training courses for over 22 years now, we know how important and crucial it is to keep your audience engaged in order for your meeting to be successful. Below are practical tips to accomplish this. Click here to read more »

System Requirements for Facilitating a Virtual Meeting

Virtual meetings are incredibly convenient for seminar facilitators and everyone attending. You simply have to turn on your computer, open the right software and begin. However, your success depends much more on having the right computer system than it would during an in-person meeting.  Click here to read more »

Mattel CEO resigns, blames lack of “innovative culture” on bad meetings

Mattel CEO and chairman, Bryan G. Stockton, recently resigned after the company’s struggles with lower-than-expected sales and a dismal fourth quarter. Despite the holiday-shopping season, sales slid 6% to $2 billion in the final quarter of 2014 according to news sources earlier this week when Stockton announced his resignation. An American leading toy maker, the company looked to Stockton to revamp the Mattel brand after its loss in business to rivals like Lego and a shift in the young market that now favors technology – tablets and smart phones – over traditional toys by Barbie and Fisher-Price – both manufactured by Mattel.

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Bring Employees Together with Masterful Meetings

Bad meetings are more than just a mere annoyance. They waste the company’s valuable resources, including each employee’s time, and they often result in bad decisions that take even more resources to realize and rectify.

There is simply no excuse for having bad meetings. You can easily bring your employees together and produce excellent results by creating masterful meetings. Our facilitation training experts have tips for how you can make every meeting masterful. Click here to read more »