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InterCall Study on Conference Calls: You’re Up Against Other Work, E-mails, & Food

A study from InterCall, the largest international conference call company, found some interesting (and painful) statistics about participant behavior when it comes to conference calls – including the ones that YOU lead everyday. Want to know what your group members are likely doing during your call? Some highlights from InterCall’s study:

  • 65% are doing other work
  • 63% are sending e-mail
  • 55% are eating or making food

Find out what others are doing during conference calls. Read Harvard Business Review’s full article here about the study.

Want to learn how to facilitate through these dysfunctions you’re up against? Arm yourself with virtual facilitation skills.

Preventing Dysfunction in Meetings with Facilitation

You have spent hours preparing for your company’s upcoming monthly meeting. As a corporate executive or project manager, your job is to shed light on the current issues the business is facing and get its team members to iron out a solution. Everyone is expected to be present at 8 a.m. sharp, yet like always, you notice a few stragglers coming in late and more than a handful of employees who would rather prefer to talk about their weekend gossip.

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Facilitation Training for Groups

Group facilitation training is one of Leadership Strategies’ most popular and result-driven services. The greatest challenges business managers, corporate executives and team leaders face is figuring out how to maintain workplace productivity and establish a collective consciousness about a particular goal.

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Characteristics of a Good Business Meeting Facilitator

Unproductive office meetings do not benefit anyone. Participants feel their time has been wasted and it costs the company money in terms of lost man hours that could have been put to more productive use. An effective meeting facilitator knows how to conduct purposeful business meetings that leave executives and employees feeling valued and inspired. Below are important skills to have in order to conduct a productive office meeting.

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Tips for Becoming a Better Listener

Clear and targeted communication is vital for the continued growth and success of any company. Failure to understand what is being said — miscommunication — can lead to problems not only with your employees but also with your customers. Active listening is intrinsic to successful communication. Before you can get your message across, you first have to know what you want to say; and to do this, you have to know how to listen.

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Tips for Productive Meetings

Senseless meetings are a major drain on the resources of any business and the productivity of its employees. Below are five suggestions from our corporate facilitation experts on conducting purposeful meetings that generate actionable ideas, spark creativity and empower your employees.

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Tool Check: New Study Released by

The latest must-read for anyone looking to improve online meetings!

The makers of – the popular instant web conferencing solution by LogMeIn – teamed with Ovum – a leading provider of business intelligence and research services – to release a comprehensive report, “Collaboration 2.0: Death of the Web Conference (As We Know It).” The report is a must-read for facilitators, managers, and anyone looking to improve the effectiveness of their online meetings and group collaboration efforts. The findings are based on a survey completed by over 3,900 full-time professionals worldwide about their collaboration and meeting-related behaviors and activities. Key findings:

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New one-day course to debut on Nov 7 for 20,000+

On November 7, 2014, Leadership Strategies, Inc. (LSI) will introduce a new one-day virtual training course, The Effective Facilitator: Virtual Link, to help meeting leaders run effective virtual meetings. The course is designed for all graduates of The Effective Facilitator – now over 20,000 – and includes a near 50% discounted registration cost for its beta class in November. The Effective Facilitator: Virtual Link promises to help participants build confidence and structure in facilitating remote meetings after just one day of the new training. New participants may add the Virtual Link course as an extended training option after completing The Effective Facilitator.

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How Do Private Training Classes Improve Your Company’s Bottom Line?

Even in today’s recovering economy, small and large corporations alike continue to seek out and implement a variety of cost-cutting measures. After all, any amount they successfully whittle away from their overall expenditure is money that can put them more solidly in the black.

Our facilitator training classes are an effective way to save your company money in the long run and improve your bottom line at the same time.

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Facilitation Tip: Consensus


When facilitating group decision making, make sure your group knows the true definition of consensus. Consensus does NOT necessarily mean “I agree 100% with you.” Click here to read more »