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Mattel CEO resigns, blames lack of “innovative culture” on bad meetings

Mattel CEO and chairman, Bryan G. Stockton, recently resigned after the company’s struggles with lower-than-expected sales and a dismal fourth quarter. Despite the holiday-shopping season, sales slid 6% to $2 billion in the final quarter of 2014 according to news sources earlier this week when Stockton announced his resignation. An American leading toy maker, the company looked to Stockton to revamp the Mattel brand after its loss in business to rivals like Lego and a shift in the young market that now favors technology – tablets and smart phones – over traditional toys by Barbie and Fisher-Price – both manufactured by Mattel.

Why did Stockton fail to revive the struggling Mattel business? Sources believe Mattel lacked innovative products going into the holiday season and that the lack of innovation was a deeper issue rooted in its culture. Based on an article by NPR, Mattel’s lack of innovative culture was partly blamed on a common – and chronic – problem plaguing many corporations: bad meetings.

Read NPR’s full article here. 

The implications of bad meetings result in poor decision making, unproductive time, and a silo mentality in the workplace. When employees gather in a meeting that fails to generate shared understanding toward a purpose without collaboration and full engagement, how can the team perform at its best and innovate? Unfortunately, the cost of wasted meetings is a problem many leaders have either internally accepted or not fully realized – when it comes to the bottom line and employee culture.

Meeting facilitation training is an important soft skill beneficial for all employees, who may not recognize that they lack it. If your organization is stifled by unproductive meetings that fail to produce results when it comes to brainstorming, client meetings, strategic planning, or other types of group meetings, get trained in group facilitation or partner with a professional meeting facilitator.

Bring Employees Together with Masterful Meetings

Bad meetings are more than just a mere annoyance. They waste the company’s valuable resources, including each employee’s time, and they often result in bad decisions that take even more resources to realize and rectify.

There is simply no excuse for having bad meetings. You can easily bring your employees together and produce excellent results by creating masterful meetings. Our facilitation training experts have tips for how you can make every meeting masterful. Click here to read more »

3 Tricks to Keeping Your Audience’s Attention During a Long Meeting

Boring meetings – every office worker has had to endure them. They seem interminable, pointless and ultimately self-defeating, no matter how noble or important the topic of discussion may have been.

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GENE100 teams up with Leadership Strategies for Strategy Facilitation Training

Leadership Strategies has partnered with GENE100, a leading provider of Action Learning research and services in Beijing, China, for strategic planning facilitation training. GENE100 recently completed certification training for seven of its employees, who are now skilled to deliver training in the specialty area of strategic planning. Through Leadership Strategies’ three-day course, Secrets to Facilitating Strategy, GENE100 will now introduce facilitation concepts and techniques in its existing strategy development model.

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Break the Ice with Tunes and Trivia

It’s actually possible – meetings and training sessions can be quite enjoyable experiences when you accompany your subject matter with these simple additions to break the ice. Our Certified Master Facilitators recommend these tools to enhance your meeting room or training room – even your mood!

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Do Your Research: 5 Ways to Ensure That You Know What You Are Talking About

Conducting a seminar, conference, strategic planning session or facilitated corporate meeting is a unique type of challenge. You are an outsider being brought in to make a relevant presentation to a group of people who know their industry better than you ever could no matter how long a time you’ve have to prepare for the event. Stay relevant and hold your audience’s attention by following the practical tips below. Click here to read more »

Tips to Creating a Thorough Meeting Agenda

Expert meeting facilitators know that one of the most useful tools at their disposal for a productive meeting is a detailed, well-planned and organized meeting agenda.

Facilitating meetings that begin and end on time, stay focused and on-topic and gets participants involved all begins with setting the right agenda. Follow the practical suggestions below to create an agenda for your next meeting that will help steer your meeting towards success. Click here to read more »

Creating and Keeping an Effective Meeting Agenda

Unproductive office meetings drain almost $200 billion from the nation’s coffers each year.

Clearly, it is beneficial for companies and organizations (no matter how large or small they are) to conduct business meetings that further their goals and help them reach a new level of success and competence.

Running productive meetings begin with having the right agenda and sticking to it throughout the length of the meeting. Creating and adhering to a viable meeting agenda is a skill that we teach in our facilitation training courses. Below are practical tips on exactly how to accomplish this at your next meeting. Click here to read more »

Facilitating Different Personalities in a Meeting

Keeping a meeting on-track and productive can be tough when you have some difficult personalities in attendance. While it is rare that people set out to deliberately sabotage a meeting, certain personality traits can derail an otherwise worthwhile and productive encounter. Facilitating meetings with the following personalities can be challenging, but here’s what you can do about them. Click here to read more »

Incorporate Humor and Fun at Your Next Meeting

When you take a meeting facilitation training course with us, we equip you with the strategies and skills to run productive meetings. This not only saves your company time and money, but also gives your staff a sense of completion and accomplishment.

A good way to improve the quality of your meetings is to inject an element of humor. Of course, you still need to have a well-planned agenda for your meeting. Humor alone cannot save a meeting that is not well thought-out in the first place. While it is not a magic wand, humor can make your meetings memorable, fun and effective. Below are a few humor strategies you can try at your next meeting. Click here to read more »