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Tuesday’s Master Facilitation Tip: The Checkpoint

During meetings it can be very easy to lose people as you move from agenda item to agenda item. The checkpoint is a technique that you can use at the beginning of every agenda item to alert participants that you are moving to a new topic that is valuable to achieving your session results.

How do you take a checkpoint? You review, preview, and big view, as follows.

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Learning, Talent, and Leadership Development: Evolution or Revolution?

When it comes to developing a workforce, we know organizations face the challenge of justifying the costs of training and development. “What return will we see from this training?” “How many days will this take my team away from the office?” “Are these skills a nice-to-have or a need-to-have?” – some questions confronted by HR, learning, and departmental leaders. With shrinking departmental budgets, how do managers value training and development?

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Tuesday’s Master Facilitation Tip: IEEI


By Michael Wilkinson, Founder and CEO of Leadership Strategies, Inc.

What is the most important thing to do in starting a meeting?

  • Go over the ground rules for the meeting? We think not.
  • Introduce people if they don’t know each other? Important, but not first.
  • Review the agenda? A very common error.

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25 Ways to Reward Employees (Without Spending a Dime)

Facilitating groups in a meeting room can be a painless task when you have engagement strategies that work. People want to be energized about topics, incented to contribute their ideas, and rewarded when the group produces its desired results. Those feelings don’t end in the meeting room. Employees want to be recognized and appreciated for their hard work continuously – and not just during Employee Appreciation Week.

What are some ways to reward your employees?

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Tool Check: The Best Employer Review Sites

Job seekers depend on reviews, social media, and other outlets to help them evaluate prospective employers. Similarly, employers depend on these sources to stay informed of how they rank across the industry and by their own worforce. When it comes to the “inside scoop” on an employer’s environment, practices, quality of life, etc., what are the best tools to use?

Here are three popular tools to read up on your prospective employer:

  1. Glassdoor: The “free jobs and career community that offers the world an inside look at jobs and companies” resource with “intel” straight from employees.
  2. Indeed: The “#1 job site worldwide, with over 100 million unique visitors per month.” Indeed has job listings for prospective employees as well as resume listings for prospective employers.
  3. Vault: Provides information to prospective employees about jobs, top employers, careers, job search advice, salary listings, message boards and more.

What are other top review sites? This article fully evaluates the top eight employer review sites – “The Top 8 Sites for Researching Your Next Employer.”

What sites do you use?



Does Canceling Your One-on-One Meetings Destroy Productivity?

Our facilitators have recommended when NOT to meet when it comes to crunch time, vacation time, and down time, but how does lack of time impact your one-on-one time with your direct reports?  The typical 30-minute to one-hour check-in can feel like an eternity when you and your staff’s to-do lists are stacked a mile high. When your week is packed, doesn’t it seem like a valid decision to reschedule your one-on-ones so that your team’s focus can be on the doing rather than the meeting?

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Tuesday’s Master Facilitation Tip: Preparing

By Michael Wilkinson, Founder and CEO of Leadership Strategies, Inc.

The Secret to Preparing

What does it take to be prepared for a facilitated interaction?  Whether you are preparing for running a task force, delivering a presentation or meeting with a customer, the secret to preparation is the same:  you must achieve a clear understanding of the “six Ps.”

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Leadership Strategies’ Patty Gaddis Accepted into the 2015 MS Leadership Class

Atlanta’s Corporate Stars Learn Formula for Leadership Success

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society announced today that Patty Gaddis from Leadership Strategies is one of 49 corporate leaders accepted into Atlanta’s 2015 MS Leadership Class. Gaddis serves as a Business Development Manager at Leadership Strategies and manages relationships with some of the company’s largest clients – including large corporations, government agencies, and non-profit organizations – for facilitation training and development and professional meeting facilitation services.   Click here to read more »

What Is the Role of Training When Realizing a Vision?

“Dreams don’t work unless you do.”

Every business leader and entrepreneur is well aware of this saying. Having a great vision for your company is an important first step in developing its full potential, but it’s not enough.

The second part of realizing that vision is training staff to adapt and succeed in your business’s new environment.

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9 Reasons to Not Host That Weekly Meeting

roomOur meeting facilitation skills training courses are designed to equip participants with the skills and training to run productive and focused business meetings.

However, we recognize that there are certain times when even the most skilled meeting facilitator should do away with regular weekly meetings. Below are some of these circumstances.

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