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Tuesday’s Master Facilitation Tip: Giving Masterful Directions


Tuesday’s Master Facilitation Tip: Giving Masterful Directions

Have you ever heard someone – your manager, team lead, trainer, or teacher – give directions during an important group exercise, and afterwards, you...

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Creating Better Learning Objectives

Infographic: Creating Better Learning Objectives

Before you train a group and evaluate results, make sure your learning objectives are constructed in a helpful way for you and your learners. Develop...

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6 Steps to Transform Your Team into a Decision-making Machine

A free eBook from our friends at Predictable Success! How effective is your team at decision-making? It’s likely that each of them makes between...

Business meeting - Young man presenting his ideas to colleagues

Tuesday’s Master Facilitation Tip: Choosing the Right Participants for Your Session

There is a common saying in the facilitator world: “If you are not at the table, you could be on the menu!” The implication,...


Tuesday’s Master Facilitation Tip: The Power of the Pen

Few facilitators truly understand the power of the pen.  When facilitators don’t record what participants say or when facilitators record their own words and...