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Guide to Leadership Through Facilitation

We know from experience that leaders who take  a facilitative approach to their position are some of the most effective and powerful leaders, regardless of their industry. We believe that all leaders—and the team members they lead—deserve to reap the productivity and efficiency benefits that come with a facilitative leader, so we have created a series of leadership courses that teach your company’s leadership and management how to incorporate facilitation skills into their everyday processes to create success for your whole organization. Click here to read more »

Guidelines for Managing Effective Problem-Solving Meetings

A common question that is asked during many of our facilitator training courses is how to conduct a problem-solving meeting successfully. Below are some steps we suggest you try. Click here to read more »

Tool Check: Three Tools for Team Building

Looking for ways to kick off 2015 with some motivation? Are the Holidays demoralizing productivity within your team? Discover three great activities to do with your team.

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11 Tricks Steve Jobs, Larry Page, And Other Famous Execs Use To Run Meetings

Article By Drake Baer, Business Insider

Here’s an interesting look at how some of the most recognized executives in history run meetings – from Steve Jobs to Alfred Sloan to Sheryl Sandberg… We’re all familiar with company names like Facebook, Amazon, and Google – all leaders in their respective markets. But, do these companies lead the way in how they meet, too?

Let’s analyze how these leaders convene and what methods they use to make the most of their busy days. Take a look at this article from Business Insider and see if you follow some of these methodologies when it comes to your meetings.

Read the full article – 11 Tricks Steve Jobs, Larry Page, And Other Famous Execs Use To Run Meetings.

Business Insider - 11 Tricks Famous Execs Use to Run Meetings

Being Busy Does Not Mean You Are Being Productive

If it seems you can’t catch a breath throughout your workday and, yet, you end up with so little meaningful work accomplished by the time you head home, you need to examine the way you manage your time in the office more closely. Facilitating meetings, answering emails and smoothing over conflicts are important of course, but they should not prevent you from assuming your responsibilities and fulfilling your core duties to the company. Take control of your time and be more productive at work by considering the practical suggestions below. Click here to read more »

Virtual Ice Breakers for Your Next Online Meeting

In our increasingly digital world, our online facilitation training continues to gain popularity. Knowing how to keep an online discussion focused and active is a crucial skill to have whether your team hails from far-flung regions of the world or across the state. If you’re holding your own virtual meetings, below are a few suggestions on how to get your online powwows off to a good start. Click here to read more »

How To Build Your Brand with Case Studies

As facilitation experts, clients come to us with a variety of needs, including facilitating meetings, conducting effective conferences and structuring strategic planning sessions. We utilize our considerable expertise in these matters to help them build a stronger team, create a more dynamic industry presence and ultimately achieve a greater level of success. Click here to read more »

The Benefits of Using a Professional Coach

Here at Leadership Strategies, we offer a wide range of products and services designed to facilitate individual and corporate success. From our meeting facilitation training to our professional facilitator training courses, our goal is to help our clients attain their personal and professional best.

We offer coaching services for executives and teams as well as special purpose coaching. Read on to find out whether the services of a professional coach are right for you and your team. If you share any of the concerns or desires below, you’re ready to engage a professional coach to help you get to where you want to go faster. Click here to read more »

DISC Training Certification – Taking Flight!

Facilitators and trainers – are you interested in facilitating world class DISC training programs?  Perhaps, you have been training in DISC for years and are open to fresh activities, new insights, and premium materials to add to your repertoire.  Or, perhaps you are new to training with DISC and want to build your knowledge… Here is an upcoming certification opportunity by one of our partners, Team Builders Plus, to help you build or enhance your DISC knowledge and get DISC training certification – Taking Flight with DISC Certification.

Becoming certified in Taking Flight with DISC will equip you with the skills, insights, and best practices to facilitate engaging, epiphany-filled DISC training sessions. When participants are actively participating, the learning accelerates, light bulbs go off, and your impact soars.

Begin 2015 with this certification!

CLICK HERE for information about the certification, Taking Flight with DISC Certification. Seats are filling quickly.

Investing in Your Life: 7 Simple Ways to Advance Your Career

As leaders like you begin to plan for the coming new year, one of the questions you can expect to hear (or ask) is, “How am I doing?” Now is the time to develop plans to advance your skills for 2015, as your organization prepares departmental budgets and conducts end-of-year performance reviews and appraisals. While many might dread this time, we believe it is an important time. Isn’t your professional development (and salary) important to you? Empower yourself and your team with guidance on career advancement, such as this article from Forbes, “Investing in Your Life: 7 Simple Ways to Advance Your Career.”

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