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Tuesday’s Master Facilitation Tip: What Are the Roles of a Facilitator?

8 Roles of a Facilitator Leadership Strategies

Tuesday’s Master Facilitation Tip: What Are the Roles of a Facilitator?

To be effective, facilitators must juggle many hats in a session.  Sometimes we are just striving to keep the group focused, other times we are...

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[Infoguide] The Difference Between Presenting, Training, & Facilitating

Ever kick off a group meeting to unveil an exciting, new product and, then, find yourself unexpectedly providing an in-depth product tutorial OR dodging technical questions?… Your audience...

Upcoming Conferences and Learning Opportunities Not to Miss!

                Looking for the best conferences to attend this spring to improve your facilitative soft skills – like group management techniques, strategic planning best practices, and collaboration strategies? Join Michael Wilkinson, Leadership Strategies’ founder and industry-leading Certified...

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5 Lessons About Meeting Place: Use Place to Your Advantage!

By Dorothea Brennan, Certified Master Facilitator In The Effective Facilitator principles, we know that Place is the final P of the 6 Ps of Preparation – Purpose, Product, Participants, Probable Issues, Process – and Place. While Place covers all of...

Leadership Strategies - Meeting Bill of Rights Printable

Printable Poster: The Meeting Bill of Rights

You enter into a contract when sending out a meeting invite. By accepting, your participants are promising you an hour of their full attention....