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Printable Poster: The Meeting Bill of Rights

Leadership Strategies - Meeting Bill of Rights Printable

Printable Poster: The Meeting Bill of Rights

You enter into a contract when sending out a meeting invite. By accepting, your participants are promising you an hour of their full attention....

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Corporate Philanthropy

Corporate Philanthropy in 2016: A Win/Win Situation

Corporate philanthropy is as diverse as the companies that participate in it. Some corporations host large galas benefiting a specific cause. Others offer matching...

Tuesday’s Master Facilitation Tip: The Fundamental Secret of Facilitation

It’s not just luck that helps professional facilitators be successful.  Professional facilitators know a powerful secret that every leader can benefit from both knowing and understanding how to use. What makes it a secret?  It certainly is not the...

Checklist: 14 Tips to Lead Successful Virtual Meetings

Today, business meetings take place virtually using a variety of media, including the Internet, videoconferencing, mobile apps, and other technology. It’s no surprise that these types of meetings will continue to rise. Virtual meetings reduce the cost of travel and...

Tuesday’s Master Facilitation Tip: a Facilitator Fix Congress? A Modest Proposal

Have you been as concerned as I have been about the way our Congress seems to operate?  Does all the bickering, posturing, stalemates, log-jams and wasted time and resources due to lack of consensus make you want to yell, “Get...