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With over 20 years of sharing the power of facilitation under our belts, we’re not afraid to say we’ve created quite a fan club.  Take a look through this section to see testimonials, case studies and  net promoter information – and see below for our Raving Fan of the month!

Raving Fan of the Month – December 2013

Milan Radulovich – Vice President of Business Development, Wincor Nixdorf, Inc.

Milan Radulovich – Vice President of Business Development, Wincor Nixdorf, Inc.

“The methodology and tools from LSI worked like a charm… The team experienced a new form of facilitation, with high levels of interaction, dialogue, and buy-in. Their experience was especially different compared with prior strategic planning workshops.”

Read Milan’s full testimonial here.

Raving Fan of the Month – October 2013

Amanda Hanaway-Corrente, PE, MBA – Coordinator, New England Transportation Consortium

New England Transportation Consortium

"I contacted Leadership Strategies while searching for a meeting facilitator online… Leadership Strategies was able to find a local facilitator who had experience in our line of work, as well as secure an agreed-upon work plan and contract, in what seemed like the blink of an eye, maybe as short as one week's time in real life.  The facilitator was highly skilled and thoroughly prepared when it came down to the meeting time.  The facilitator's ability to organize the group was so impressive that even I have been considering taking some classes to learn the tricks of the trade...  I would recommend Leadership Strategies to all of my peers and colleagues.  The Business Developer, Holly Larson, and Facilitator, Andrea Young, were a dream to work with!"

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Raving Fan of the Month – September 2013

Tracie Morris, Competency Development Coach, Schneider Electric - Nashville, TN

Tracie Morris

"The Facilitation Skills for Trainers course was transformational for our technically-oriented training team!  Instructor Tierah Chorba expertly modeled creative and engaging delivery techniques ensuring our team's success.  In-class practice generated excitement and team confidence that remains high several weeks post training."

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Raving Fan of the Month – August 2013

Andrea A'Jay Scipio, Kansas African American Affairs Commission and Heartland Visioning Member

Andrea A'Jay Scipio

“I recently took The Effective Facilitator with Leslie Stein as the instructor. I just want to say that I have never been so inspired, engaged and excited to learn and practice what I've learned! The material is wonderful, but Leslie's totally "ALL OR NOTHING" approach to reaching every participant was so captivating and impressive! Please make sure you keep her representing your company and inspiring others to lead and facilitate well!! I will certainly never do either the same way again!”

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Raving Fan of the Month – July 2013

Dorothea Brennan, Senior Project Manager, The United Illuminating Company

Dorothea Brennan

“[…] we created a facilitation toolkit and offered facilitation support to each of the divisions. We believe this wide-spread participation was an important driver of the results achieved.”
Awarded the prestigious Platinum Impact Award – the highest level awarded by the International Association of Facilitators, The United Illuminating Company (partner of Leadership Strategies) was recognized for significant results reached through the integration of facilitation and collaboration in strategic planning. Read about how their Safety Strategic Planning, led by Dorothea Brennan, resulted in significant safety performance improvements, including a 79% reduction in the frequency of motor vehicle accidents.

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Raving Fan of the Month – June 2013

David Head, Chief Financial Officer, Manheim Asia Pacific

David HeadFacilitation is an accelerator that fosters broad thinking, consensus building, quicker decision making, and beyond.”

Manheim Australia, a division of Manheim International – the leading global provider of used vehicles to the wholesale and retail markets, recognized an existing, but untapped, opportunity for growth that had not been achieving in recent years.  Read how he and the rest of the Manheim Asia Pacific leadership team used Leadership Strategies to execute a strategic planning session that was able to “easily cascade detailed action plans and related accountabilities deeper into the organization shortly following the workshop. “

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