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Facilitation is a powerful tool that helps people reach better decisions, often faster, with much higher levels of buy-in and commitment.  Hiring a professional facilitator can transform the way you hold meetings…and do business, and keep you from wasting time on:

  • Unproductive, unfocused meetings.
  • Tedious planning sessions that aren’t producing desired results.
  • Group activities derailed by challenging participant behaviors.

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Our Core Team facilitators are among the best in the industry! They receive high praise from their clients and their peers and are skilled in a long list of different types of facilitation services.

Our facilitators will….

  • Keep participants focused and on track
  • Quickly defuse difficult behaviors and minimize distractions
  • Create a comfortable environment for full participation
  • Skillfully deploy an array of interactions and facilitation techniques
  • Tailor their style to the needs of the group
  • Develop consensus and bring a common vision to the surface
  • Build commitment for a workable, quantifiable action plan to move forward

Need Special Skills or Someone Local?

To supplement our core team, we have more than 500 facilitators available to you through our Facilitator Database. Through this service, our expert Client Relationship Managers help you:

  • Access a nationwide network of facilitators.
  • Define the skills you need to get the job done.
  • Select your industry to see the top rated facilitators in your field.
  • View information on a facilitator's ratings and feedback from clients like you.
  • Search numerous criteria to find the skills, experience, price and personality you want.
  • Or, you can have our client relationship managers find a facilitator for you, at no additional cost!

If you would like help choosing the right facilitator for your project, call us at 800-824-2850 or visit FindaFacilitator.com.

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