By Kristi Hedges, Contributor for

Can you say that you truly love your job? Not very likely, according to the research. Among other things, recent studies reveal that 48% of employees worldwide don’t even like their jobs, more than 80% of US workers feel stressed at the office, and only 30% feel “engaged and inspired” by their careers. Especially troubling for leaders and business owners, 18% are actively disengaged – that is, present at work but hating every minute of it.

The facts are sobering and expensive. Beyond the frustration of having checked-out paper pushers or haters in our organizations, this lack of satisfaction and motivation costs us billions in lost productivity. When we say that someone is a “difficult person”, we mean that they are disruptive – ineffective in communicating. To deal with a difficult person, you first need to assume that they have good intentions and you need to identify what is causing the problem. In other words, identify the problem, not the “difficult person”.

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