Now that you have completed the Effective Facilitator course and are using the techniques that you learned to effectively lead and facilitate meetings, you are ready to advance your knowledge and move up to the next level with our Advanced Facilitation Skills course.

Through need-specific practice, we help you identify your facilitation skill level and then focus on areas that need more development. This advanced facilitation training will guide you through the three distinct levels of facilitator development. You will also use the DISC model to actively learn to read and adapt to your participant’s style as well as learning advanced questioning techniques and how to “facilitate on the fly” when you have no time to prepare for a meeting. The course even covers how best to offer your professional facilitation services.

This course provides powerful lessons for veteran facilitators and leaders that have completed the Effective Facilitation course that would like to advance their knowledge and build on their facilitator skill-set. You will be able to maximize interactions as well as gain better control of discussions and increase your confidence when handling disagreements.

This effective facilitation training program taught in an online environment is an ideal solution for leaders who wish to take their facilitation skills to the next level. Whether you are trying to get a business process to run efficiently, establish a team’s strategic direction or lead a task force towards action, you will find that the ROI from this program establishes its value to any business.

Leadership Strategies’ advanced program shares powerful techniques combined with expert feedback so that you can achieve exceptional results. By continually practicing and honing your facilitator skills, you can advance to the next level and build upon your facilitation training. A professional facilitator continually seeks knowledge that will help them achieve their goals and this is made possible through Leadership Strategies full range of courses and expert guidance.