If you are a veteran practitioner of facilitation, you may benefit from Leadership Strategies’ facilitation training course The Seven Separators of Facilitation Excellence. During this one-day course, you will learn the seven key skills that separate the truly great facilitators from ones who are merely good.

What You’ll Learn

During this group workshop, you and other participants will learn about the seven factors that separate the most effective and engaging conference facilitators from their peers. These factors are:

  1. Establish and maintain a high energy level
  2. Ask initial questions that help to draw a vivid image
  3. Have a full toolkit of follow-up question types
  4. Respect the “power of the pen”
  5. Carry the group through the process
  6. Prevent, detect and resolve dysfunction
  7. Isolate and address the client’s key needs

After learning about these differentiating skills, you will then participate in highly interactive team exercises that will help you to integrate these skills into your existing facilitation strategies.

Why It Works

We have trained thousands of individuals in the art of corporate facilitation and over the course of those training sessions, we have identified a set of seven key skills that distinguish the very best from the rest. We have taken that information and put it on its head for a fast-paced, day-long session that teaches you about each of those skills and how to incorporate them into your future facilitation sessions.

You will be able to use the techniques we teach you immediately and will have the opportunity to practice them and gain feedback, which will help you to best apply them to your facilitation style.

Schedule a Session

The Seven Separators of Facilitation Excellence is currently available as a private session only. We encourage you to use our contact form to schedule a session for your organization by visiting http://www.leadstrat.com//contact-us.