DISCourse: Facilitating Communication

Improve your communication and impact your career success!

Everyone has a natural communication style, ranging in diversity from the person who wants to control the conversation, to the person who sits backs evaluating. This course unleashes powerful catalysts designed to create effective one-on-one and team communication. Our training methodology includes practical tools designed to outline methods for adapting your style to others, causing more effective communication between you and others. An interactive questionnaire results in a comprehensive DISC profile, which indicates both your natural and adaptive communication styles, and further reinforces the material presented.

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Who will benefit from this course?

Leaders, facilitators, consultants and representatives of every type of organization seeking to enhance their productivity and effectiveness in all areas through improving their communication ability.

What you will learn

Increase your one-on-one communication effectiveness with peers, subordinates, clients, even friends and family members. Use a simple approach to define and identify the four different communication styles – Drive, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance. Determine your natural style, learn clues for reading other people’s styles, and apply methods for interacting more effectively with communication styles that aren’t the same as yours.


  • Understand the distinctions of each DISC communication style
  • Recognize clues for identifying the styles of others
  • Develop effective communication strategies for the different styles
  • Identify your personal style (the DISC survey)
  • Utilize active listening skills
  • Structure your message through establishing the end point first
  • Learn how to effectively lead using powerful questions
  • Gain confidence by actively role playing each communication style


One Half-Day (Public or Private Workshops) or One Full Day (Private Workshops; includes optional team-building breakout activity)

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We regularly conduct public classes that are open to individual facilitators or groups from within organizations. The course is conducted over one day and costs $595. Please contact us or use our online chat feature for details.

2020 Public Classes

Aug 6


With a group of eight or more people, a private class may deliver a better value. With a private DISCourse workshop, we can customize the experience to best suite your team and organizational preferences, and deliver it at your convenience. Find out how we can tailor this course to meet your specific needs.

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