Facilitating Virtual Meetings: Comprehensive

Any meeting with numerous attendees can become unwieldy when participants multi-task, engage in unproductive discussions or can’t build consensus. But these dysfunctions are even more pronounced when the meeting is virtual – especially when there are 10 or more participants involved.

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Who will benefit from this course?

Ideal For:

  • Professionals Who Lead Complex Virtual Meetings
  • Facilitators
  • Meeting Leaders

Needing To:

  • Lead complex virtual meetings
  • Build group consensus in environments where people may be unfamiliar with each other
  • Use Zoom, MS Teams, WebEx, Adobe Connect, GoToMeeting or any other web conferencing tool.

What you will learn

This course will help you transform your virtual meetings. At the end of the training, you will know how to:

  • Fully prepare your meeting place
  • Design and communicate the purpose, product and agenda
  • Collect feedback from remote participants
  • “Read” body language/non-verbal cues virtually
  • Build group engagement through multiple virtual activities
  • Manage dysfunction and disagreements
  • Reduce or eliminate multi-tasking
  • Maintain high energy
  • Build consensus
  • Close meetings in a constructive manner

Additional Information

This course is based on the 10 fundamental principles and more than 100 techniques from our flagship course, The Effective Facilitator. Facilitating Virtual Meetings: Comprehensive teaches you how to apply these powerful facilitation techniques to virtual meetings, including how to use round robins to gain input, employ the whiteboard feature to conduct brainstorms and how to hold productive breakout sessions.

We apply our “PDI Difference” approach, which delivers Practical techniques, Dynamic instructors, and Interactive exercises to this new virtual offering. The instructor demonstrates techniques in a virtual environment and then conducts four practice sessions to provide you with hands-on experience. In fact, much of the curriculum provides the ability to practice the actual techniques you’ll use to minimize multi-tasking and maximize group engagement.



This is the agenda for public classes.
For private classes, the agenda may be tailored to meet participants’ specific needs.

  • Day 1

    Session 1

    A. Opening & Getting Started
    B. The Facilitation Process
    Break (5 minutes)
    C. Principle 5: Information Gathering

    Session 2

    D. Principle 1: Preparing for Success
    E. Principle 2: Getting the Session Started
    Break (5 minutes)
    Homework & Close

    Day 2

    Session 3

    Welcome & Review
    Exercise 1: Starting
    Break (5 minutes)
    F. Principle 3: Focusing the Group
    G. Principle 4: Respecting the
    Power of the Pen


  •  Session 4

    Exercise 2: Listing
    H. Principle 6: Managing Dysfunction
    Break (5 minutes)
    Exercise 3: Dysfunction
    Homework & Close

    Day 3

    Session 5

    Welcome & Review
    I. Principle 7: Consensus Building
    Break (5 minutes)
    J. Principle 8: Keeping the Energy High
    K. Principle 9: Closing the Session

    Session 6

    L. Principle 10: Agenda Setting
    Next Steps & Close

Policy on Multiple Viewers

It is our intent that only one individual participate in our web-based courses per single registration. Also, to receive the full value of this course, we recommend that each registered individual participate on separate computers. When you register for this online course, we will send you a web link that you’ll use to join the session. This link is tied directly to the email address you specify when registering, and, therefore, can only be used by a single person. Also, only one workbook will be provided per single registration.

We do recognize that on occasion a participant’s screen may be viewed by more than one person. Therefore, as a company policy, we permit up to five people to view our web-based courses from a single screen.

If you or your organization would like to have more than five people view our web-based courses from the same or multiple screens, or, if you wish to have more than one electronic or hard copy of the course workbook, please contact one of our Leadership Strategies client relationship managers for special pricing or purchase additional individual registrations online.

Training for

We regularly conduct public classes that are open to individual facilitators or groups from within organizations. The course is conducted over three days and cost $1,745. Flexible financing is also available; please contact us or use our online chat feature for details. The upcoming scheduled courses are listed below.

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