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Leadership Strategies Video Series Library

Zoom Advanced Engagement Strategies

While Zoom includes several features for engagement, such as polls, chats, whiteboards, and breakout groups, few people actually use them, and even fewer know how to couple them with advanced level engagement strategies.

These sixteen, self-paced videos give you the chance to experience the power of engaging virtual meetings and show you how you can put our strategies into use for yourself. You also get a resource library filled with instruction sets and pre-formatted templates that you can use for your own sessions.

Learn How To

  • Incorporate over a dozen advanced engagement strategies such as Dump and Clump, Whip Around, Rotating Flip Charts, and Chatter Fall.
  • Implement these strategies in a variety of sessions, such as strategy, action planning, status meetings, and more!

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21 Secrets of Facilitation

Coming Soon!

Here is your opportunity to learn 21 of the key techniques and strategies from our widely acclaimed course, The Effective Facilitator! Our self-paced eLearning videos show you the fundamentals of effective facilitation and includes demonstrations of the principles and methodologies used by more than 35,000 people worldwide. The videos show you proven techniques for preparing for success, starting with impact, keeping the group focused, building consensus, managing dysfunction, and much more!

Learn How to

  • Use the 6 Ps to prepare for effective group sessions
  • Start session with impact by employing the IEEI secret
  • Use checkpoints and PeDeQs to “herd the cats” and keep groups focused
  • Ask questions that yield a bonfire of responses, every time
  • Apply the four-step model for effectively addressing dysfunction
  • Use strategies for resolving each of the three reasons people disagree
  • Project level-3 energy as needed to engage groups and energize sessions

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Who will benefit from our video series courses?

Ideal For:

  • Supervisors
  • Facilitators
  • Managers
  • Trainers
  • Consultants
  • Business Liaisons
  • Analysts
  • Team Leaders
  • Designers
  • Project Leaders

Needing To:

  • Learn online engagement strategies
  • Learn new skills at their own pace
  • Run better meetings
  • Increase interaction and participation
  • Work through conflict/internal strife
  • Lead client sessions
  • Improve a process
  • Establish a strategic direction
  • Define client needs
  • Gain group concensus

Recommended Additional Training

While the Leadership Strategies Video Series provides you with a starting point for learning facilitation techniques and applying them to your work, there’s no substitute for experience. Our open enrollment courses provide you with the opportunity to practice the skills and techniques we teach as well as get professional feedback from an expert.

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” I feel like I have gained valuable skills which will last a lifetime, and feel much more confident in my facilitation abilities. The day after my training I was able to use the techniques taught to nail a high stakes presentation I had been worrying about for weeks!”

Emma P., WSSC Water