Masterful Presentation Skills

Take your presentations to the next level and deliver with impact!

This workshop addresses all critical components of a presentation (design, content and delivery) to ensure all areas of potential improvement are covered. PDI (practical, dynamic and interactive) methodology is incorporated, delivering practical success strategies and skills relevant to your needs, dynamic instruction from energetic facilitators that engage your interest, and interactive opportunities to present segments of your prepared presentation 2 times during the session.

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Who will benefit from this course?

Leaders, project managers and all experienced presenters that speak before groups on a regular basis.

What you will learn

Use your fundamental presentation skills and experience as a basis for improvement. Bring a presentation that you plan to give or one that you use on a routine basis, and acquire techniques to improve upon presentation design, content, and delivery. Learn advanced presentation techniques to address difficult presentation situations.


One day

Choose your format

With a group of eight or more people, a private class may deliver a better value. With a private class on Masterful Presentation Skills, we can customize the course and bring the techniques and tools you need to conduct a virtual meeting to you, at your convenience. Find out how we can tailor this course to meet your needs.

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