Virtual Meetings Series

3 half day courses available now!

Virtual collaboration and meetings have taken center stage. Many organizations are operating fully remotely for the first time in history, making virtual meeting skills a critical need. Whether you take just the basics (Virtual Meetings 101), or need the full program, these three half-day modules provide you tools you can use right away for running highly effective virtual meetings.

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VM 101: The Basics

Virtual Meetings 101: The Basics of Virtual Meetings

If you need to know just the basics, this class provides you the fundamentals for preparing, starting, executing and closing virtual meetings? The agenda includes:

  • Getting Started
    • Using the Virtual Platform
    • Session Objectives
    • Typical Problems with Virtual Meetings
    • The Masterful  Virtual Meeting Framework
    • Agenda
    • Ground Rules
  • Masterful Meeting Vision
    • Understanding Virtual Meeting Types
    • What is a Masterful Meeting?
    • Masterful Meeting Definition
    • Characteristics of Masterful Meetings
    • Virtual Meetings: Facilitator, Participant, Other Roles
  • Masterful Preparation
    • How a Masterful Meeting Leader Prepares
    • The 6 Ps of Preparation
    • Sample Meeting Notice
    • How to Avoid Having Meetings
    • The Virtual Details
    • Checklist for Masterful Preparation
  • Masterful Start
    • How a Masterful Meeting Leader Starts
    • Strategies for Starting On-Time
    • Set the Stage with Your Opening Words
    • Involvement Approaches
    • Introduction to Masterful Starting Questions
    • Confirm the Agenda
    • Establish Ground Rules
    • Establish the Parking Boards
    • Make Introductions
    • Checklist for Starting
  • Masterful Execution and Close
      • Checkpoints to Start Each Agenda Item
      • Gathering Information
      • Basic Recording Strategies
      • How a Masterful Meeting Leader Closes
      • Checklist for Execution and Closing

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VM 201: Group Dynamics

Virtual Meetings 201 – Managing Group Dynamics

Virtual meetings would be great if it weren’t for group dynamics. In this class you will learn two key skills: 1) How to prevent, detect, and resolve dysfunctional behavior and 2) How to move from disagreement to consensus through strategies that address the three basic reasons people disagree. The Agenda includes:

  • Opening
    • Reminder of Session Objectives and Ground Rules
    • Review of 101
  • Managing Dysfunction
    • Understand Dysfunctional Behavior
    • Separate Symptom from Root Cause
    • Focus on Prevention
    • Detect Non-Verbal Cues
    • Address Dysfunction Effectively
    • Confirm Resolution
  • Addressing Disagreement
      • The Mountains and Beaches Model
      • Why Do People Disagree?
      • Suppose It’s Level 3?
      • When Do You Take Control?
      • Delineation
      • Strengths and Weaknesses
      • Merge
      • Converge
      • When to Move On
      • 5-Finger Consensus

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VM 301: Advanced Techniques

Virtual Meetings 301 – Advanced Techniques for Virtual Meetings

Ready for advanced strategies? Virtual Meetings 301 gives you the advanced strategies for keeping virtual meetings highly engaging. This class teaches key techniques for focusing, questioning, and engagement.

  • I. Opening
    • Reminder of Session Objectives and Ground Rules
    • Review of 101 and 201
  • Focusing and Questioning
    • Problems in Keeping a Group Focused
    • The Facilitation Cycle
    • Focusing with Checkpoints
    • Giving Directions with PeDeQs
    • Constructing Great Starting Questions
    • Listing and Brain Storming
    • Recording Relevant Information
    • Using Reacting Questions
    • Track Time Against the Agenda
  • Virtual Engagement Strategies
      • Principles of Virtual Engagement
      • Round Robin
      • The Whip
      • Rotating Flip Charts
      • Dump and Clump
      • Elevator Speech
      • Other Engagement Strategies

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Who will benefit from this course?

Ideal For:

  • Anyone leading virtual meetings
  • Managers
  • Facilitators
  • Trainers
  • Executives
  • Consultants
  • Sales Professionals

Needing To:

  • Lead a task force
  • Run better meetings
  • Establish a strategic direction
  • Establish performance objectives
  • Work through conflict/internal strife
  • Get a business process operating effectively
  • Define the specific needs of a user community

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