As facilitative leadership experts, we offer coaching as well as strategic planning services. Although similar, these two services are quite separate. Below are the aspects that distinguish them from each other.

Executive Coaching

The goal of our executive coaching service is to equip executives and key industry players with the necessary tools and skills to succeed. We give our clients a customized set of resources designed for their particular circumstances and built around their specific goals. Our executive coaching service is results-oriented and set up to achieve greater, measurable and much improved business outcomes.

Executive coaching requires an ongoing one-on-one professional relationship between the coach and the business executive. This takes place over a period of six months. Through a series of regularly scheduled meetings (face-to-face or virtual), leaders are guided to translate thought into action, to be responsible and visionary agents of change in their companies and to reach for and attain extraordinary growth. By maximizing individual performance and strengthening leadership and execution skills, clients are empowered to succeed in terms of achieving their personal as well as organizational goals and objectives.

Strategy Coaching

During a series of strategic planning sessions, executives learn priority strategies that are specifically crafted to take their organization to a new level of success and competence. The focus of strategy coaching is to come up with a viable action plan that will improve processes and drive growth. The question that is at the crux of strategy coaching sessions is “What do we do next?” The answer consists of measurable and readily implementable steps that are oriented toward the achievement of clear objectives.

Follow-up consists of a variety of actions on our part, depending on the requirements of the client. We can provide an onsite project manager to work with your team in order to monitor and ensure the implementation of the plan. We could also make quarterly reviews to check up on the progress of the team and point out any necessary adjustments they can make or add to the plan.

No matter what type of coaching you need, call us. We’re here to listen to your needs and help you find solutions. For your convenience, we offer onsite facilitator training courses as well as online facilitation training. Our project and conference facilitators are highly trained to deal with a vast array of issues and concerns and to help your company achieve your objectives. We also offer professional facilitator training for individuals who want to pursue a career in the facilitation sector.