Dysfunctional behavior. We see it everywhere – from political affairs to our family dinner parties. Dysfunction in the meeting room is no exception. One thing we teach our facilitators in training is how to manage dysfunction by detecting it early and resolving it cleanly. But, for many, the best defense is a good offense. Therefore, preventing dysfunction before it happens is one of the best facilitative skills, and we find that engagement strategies are effective tools for doing that.

Bring your ‘whip’ to the meeting room. No, not that type of whip. The Whip is a quick and effective way to collect feedback and engage your participants. It gets them talking and providing constructive input – without the dysfunction. Watch our here and try it in your next session.

Our flagship course, The Effective Facilitator, teaches this and more than a dozen other engagement strategies for successful meetings as well as proven techniques for gaining buy-in and achieving results.