Brandon has been involved in training, leadership, and strategic facilitation since 1999.  A Certified Master Facilitator™, he has logged over 4000 hours in training and facilitation, from entry-level sales training to facilitation of executive teams in their strategic planning processes.  Having worked with hundreds of teams from non-profit to Fortune 500, Brandon understands the dynamics that are infused into today’s corporate cultures.

With a bachelor’s degree in Business finance, and a Masters of Education from Xavier in Human Resource Development, he understands the process of connecting business needs with “people needs”.  Specializing in meeting facilitation, team development, and strategic planning, Brandon takes a three-tiered approach.   This approach includes thorough assessment of a situation, targeted solutions to problems and opportunities, and determined follow-through to implement solutions and assure lasting change.

What really sets Brandon apart from his peers is his intuition.  Seeing quickly to the heart of an issue and targeting solutions that tackle those issues directly are his trademarks.  Brandon’s clients say things like “He has an innate ability to see the big picture”, “He is very intuitive as to what their needs are and how to meet them”, and “He gets it.”  Difficult problems with uncertain solutions are his home turf.  Brandon’s unique ability is in helping people work well together in a short amount of time.

Brandon is highly experienced in team development, strategic planning, and culture change.  Recently, as more clients have requested his facilitation and insights, he has worked more directly with small business clients on strategy execution for improved performance.

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